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aw he thanked me
guy should tell me what i think and what i know and what i understand
if you resort to that you got nothing

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its losses to theives
but you make the argument
its not a matter of caring, its a matter of you making yourself ridiculous out loud
i am
why though
give a reason why its okay
i mean by your argument
guns exist to put holes in people
thats what they are intended for and made to do
so how is it wrong to put holes in people?
22:41 < sirhoax> you can't deny someone access to information. period.
thats a philosophy
a popular hacker ideal that most hackers wouldn't want to follow to the letter
haha @ i dont understand
it works like if they catch you, you can go to prison
anyway, dont make arguments personal
dont be bitches, argue points, not people
because its fun

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fuck america
california uber alles
were broke because we pay your bills
anyway youre stealing
a product
justify it, im not even saying its wrong
but your are a thief, it is stolen product
artistic media you can debate
but not software
well how are you not?
it was intended to survive a nuclear war
it was designed from military funding
that doesnt mean duplicating someones product isnt stealing
man up, dont be a pussy bitch
admit that your a thief, justify it, and be proud of your decisions
but someone worked to make that software
just because the internet is capable of effectively copying data doesnt mean you didnt steal someones work
you stole from an engineer
a working class engineer
well fine
accept that youre a theif
so so what about it
but dont be in denial

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