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done with work!
no more weekend back to work =\
timecop: i got legit reason w/ hardware key for $0
yay stupid office building job \o/
no, i has connections

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future quality: designed in china, made in the usa
if i want to learn chinese i would just get a job there =\
learn to read
incubeous: after becoming a ninja
get a job
me too
today is babysitting speakers

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that they key to long term anxiety
yeah but training your china replacement is happening for sure
i dunno about that
i think project managers get paid about the same as higher paid engineers
yeah were fucked
we need to set up newmanufacturing now because were not going to be designing shit in 10 years
we better be able to make shit
im going to be fine
except when shit goes nuts on the line, i just walk across a parking lot
not fly across an ocean
time to fixed = minutes
not days, timezone offset fucks everything up
takes two days for both sides to be clear on whats going on

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i need xlr cables

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i think theyre the right shapr even?
fuuu, like $10k in copper
prob about as much in capton
shit could you even use capton that big
fuckit stainless steel
that wouldnt be enough
you just pay a china factory to wind 20, and tell them youll only take 10

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