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dont run red lights unless you stop first and look
i need a newcar
so last paycheck i did 110 hours
this one i did way more
newused car money!
haha @ picking car for radio
yeah long trip
kbbl lunch with otherhacker

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and then browse interweb for 29min
no idea
assessment fees are 300-400% of the fine tho
so if its $200, youre going to end up paying close to $1000
welcome to california
you pay extra to go to trafrfic school, on top of the fine
so you dont get a dmv point
whatever cops can just say they matched your speed
uh, theyre cops
thats it?

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rab: we sledgehammered the mobile amps when CV sold the CV-mobile name
we,, i didnt i watched them do it like wtf
was part of the contract
alesis once killed a hardware project, got up to like beta production but never finished the firmware
and customer service would get phone calls about them
and theyd be like, 'we know it doesnt work how do you even have that it isnt a product'
`nico: just do online school
there is a timer on each page before the tests
like 30min or something, and the tests are like 3 or 4 tries, and fail puts you at the previous page and 30m timer
and a fake question
random bullshit, just to make sure youre reading
scan the text for the out of context shit

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yeah they did assembly in los angeles for the mobile audio stuff, at one point
besides extruded heatsink chassis that stuff is mostly trash
and the coils
i wouldnt trust any of the other parts on a dev mule and i prob wouldnt even trust the coils unless they looked brand new
but yeah the heatsink chassis are neat
scrap prices

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we have an ME in china right now looking at factories for future speaker part production
said one of the grill factories is doing chemical etched grills now
any pattern you want without crazy stamp tooling costs
tho i think per unit cost is way more =(
mentioned JPL is using it for something so the finish has to be decent
yeah no idea but i assume resist on both side
yeah almost always
er JBL
speakers not spaceships
its harmon
audio megacorp, its like 20 companies
i guess
none of the original engineering departments exist anymore
they have a local business campus here, i think its mostly shut down now

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so it does do vectored cuts?
right because the razor doesnt turn sharp enough
hard for it to do small radius and very small angles
i kinda wouldnt mind a sticker machine but id prob get myself in trouble

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how does it control the cutting direction
the razor is trailing the spindle center and rotates?
it rasters the cuts?

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