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the grey border area, make it thicker on the bottom and top edges
not as thick as the sides but 3 or 4 times as thick as it is now
and consider hard coding the height of the content area to a consistent size for all pages
but if youre going to add images and stuff maybe it doesnt matter
but i would maybe make the minimum height the size of your longest page now
besides that looks fine, its a blackmoon page
also the gradient of the background repeats or ends, dunno if thats intentional or not

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(its serbia btw)
oh damn
i want to halp dx
dx^: i want to halp
but i has little time
=( =( =(
pays me =)
yeah sibera is eastern russian/mongolian wastelands
months ago
yeah its different now
power feed is neat
you have a DRO yet?
its almost CNC awesome

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kevtris: local glitch/chiptune scene is starting to advertise parties on the local junglist calandar
tomorrow: enduser
ftmfw \o/
ive been working 60-70 hour weeks, heh
because i didnt agree how the project leads were doing power test
so i turned the crossover off (because the end user can) and they all blew up
click on the left side

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