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its a bannable offense
ok time to automobiru to the hollywoooo
volvo is limpy, only running at minor diety speed

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when we ruled at education and recources we ruled the planet
thats not totally true
corporate power is still mostly based on gov legislation
if youre a little country you dont mean shit but if youre like top 10, you have influence
it doesnt usually, unless they have huge raw material resources
but big countries make the bullshit rules that the banks and corps define themselves with
yeah but if your county is like half of all exports
fuck that guy pitz

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and really thats about the only thing we are exceptionally good at, consistently, as human beings!
oh cmon you cant tell people not to fuck
or not to reproduce
basic rights
the thing to do is to wage war against the anarchists
and once they are gone, you impliment real anarchy
anarchy that works
guys i really like blue dream, this is like the strain of the last couple years for me
china is a fucked place
but gotta put work
really they have to decide on continuing on as they are, basically everyone elses labor
or to educate their people
which means they can be running shit, at least in terms of materials and engineering and manufacturing resources
but you usually get arts in the mix
anyway people get smart this whole 'do what i say, bitches' gov system doesnt work as well

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its prob happened a half a dozen times in the last 20k years
and all of this current society bullshit will become the next progression of civilization religion/myth origins
and they will kill each other over our fucked up beliefs just like we do
so see, you can use incandescents if you want to
everything eventually will be okay again
or at least as okay as they've ever been for the small percentage of society with free time
well their is a sad simple solution for that

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i got some 15W cfl for the lamp in abandoned power test building
and other tech was like 'i was trying to kill the cold hospital feel'
so i replaced them with 60w bulbs, because it was his lamp we stole =\
global warming exists
it doesnt matter if its because of us or not
because we cant do anything about it
survive or be deleted, shrug, any normal day
its not our only problem
and we dont coordinate and cooperate well enough to effectively change direction significantly
better to learn to survive
or at least accept that you might have to
kinda that whole, how desperate are you willing to get before you just go fuck it, fuck this
and then what does humanity as a whole become after everyone left is like that
you prob just start over again

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its valid
i have 6 dual 12" subwoofers
and a bitch little dual 10" thats more annoying sounding than all of them
well were only using like 2% of it to make the ambient spl like 110dB
the rest is just heating the room

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heh neat
it shades too much but its still neat
theyre doing that to sell more headache medicine

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low end is sooooo flat, so clear
<3 <3 <3
dirtyphonics there next month, going to try and take speaker ME to be experienced

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music box closed down so funktion lost its venue after like one week there
so they do one wed a month at the avalon
avalon on thur (the weekly i try not to miss) is tiger heat
so if we dont get tacos first, we have to dodge tiger heater stumbling out onto hollywood blvd on my way to the freeway
tiger heaters are not good at crosswalks
the day of the dnb weekly i try not to miss
okay no rly im at tiger heat every week
the weeks funktion isnt at the avalon theyre at dim mak studios, tho
like, enter from an alley, up three flights off stairs, dancefloor got some decent excursion, they rent a funktion one sound system for it
four of the dual 21" horns, four of the tops w/ built in 15" folded horns and paper mids and compression drivers
and its a little venue

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i hate it when you check out a venue site, and the big thing theyre hyping is some gay club night
the bartenders are always weird and the shit never has an underground vibe
expendable pipes only, just bring what you can smoke
its not going to be gay club night
going to be junglist night

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i dont even think they care in a lot of places in california

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like, normal tea?
i like tea
edibles are hardcore
tho, they dont do as much as they used to, to me
kinda scary =\

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yeah im not down with metal screens
why i smoke from glass pipes
they like, degrade =\
special pipe?
heat cycling is bad for boro glass
metal pipe
you cant use propane heat on metal bowls either
the plating burns off on the steel ones and the aluminum ones will burn
obsidian pipe would be neat

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butane honey oil is like sucking on a bic
you never get it all out
its like antilog decay
you never get it all out
you get most of it out pretty quick
and then if you wait days, almost all of it comes out
but you never get it all out
and it gives people dry throats and coughs
bubble hash?
bubble hash is kind of bullshit
it doesnt bubble because its pure
it bubbles because it still has some water in it
bubbles bags arent the same as cold water seperation and extraction
safer than just taking keef and pressing it?
water hash is fine but dry screening keef from buds and clipping, then pressing and heating makes a keef block
itll be as strong as your keef
and its blond to super light green when its done
you can smoke it straight without it falling into the pipe
more convenient to carry
lots of keef in a bad is a disaster waiting to happen
yeah fuck screens
*in a bag

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3g makes a 3/4" diameter 1/2" tall slug of hash
no i mean from the keef i had
someone gave me 18g because i bought them a couple drinks after complaining i didnt want to spend any more money
yah dont make hash oil
solvent based hash oil is fucked up
almost all of it is
people dont understand half life concepts
you never get it out
not all of it
and it gives everyone a dry throat and a bad cough

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blackmoon: making pressed keef hash
bought a press basically threaded steel stud with a t handle into a hollow cylindrical body with screw on caps
and its got two steel slugs as presses
paid way too much for it really
but yeah, load in 3g of keef, press, throw in toaster oven at 200F for a couple few minutes, pop out
keef puck
what kind?

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theyre always cutting me off and pulling dealers away from me
just put a psu on it
and swap
yo match the loaded voltage of the new battery you should be fine
cant lose high scores
oh haha @ battery ram for rom
sculptor: lots of the time the eeprom is just serial number tags

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yeah theyre way credible, they got their shit together
like, you can read into the marketing spin but it doesnt matter because what they offer can back it up
and do what with it
near field monitor speakers
biamps with folded ribbon tweeters and composite woofers
blackmoon: work knows to keep me away from customers
blackmoon: at the big trade shows, i walk around and ask the sales guys too many questions

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whatever, this catalog is pimp
and those speakers could possibly be badass
i want adam monitors =(

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holy fuck
so im reading through this adam audio product catalog i got at namm
no prices
so i see the one i think is neat and check the price and its $2300 =|
li,e, for one
with the aes/ebu/spdif input modules

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