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i was kind of thinking of getting a cbr250
is sounds like a lawnmower

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so what happens on a fixie going down a hill faster than you can pedal?
you just go slow and hurt?
smokering: and then break your legs trying to catch the pedals to stop?
and yeah, freewheel + rear brake ftw
i have a four pawl freewheel its like super clicky

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atomic burst bicycle propulsion.

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ur mommys house
woo i got $150 back from state, after giving $20 to boobies

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hey i might actually get a state refund
For renters credits: To be eligible, your California adjusted gross income must be $35,659 or less.

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hey neat student loan interest means i get a $5 refund instead of paying $150!

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i forgot the days i worked overnight
getting paid is complicated

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your daughter?

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i was talking to one last night

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