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d cells.

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are you stoned
you shouldnt smoke those crackers
i need a pizza tree

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they put record in reason now so like its actually super useful besides being a softsynth
but yeah its dumb you cant use vst
reaper seems fine for that stuff but i think its 32b wrapper thing (i have 64b os) does this crashy fucked sound every so often
yeah i think 3 or 4 is when i started playing with it
i didnt know until recently justin frankel was involved in coding it
winamp, gnutella guy

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like, a lot of the stuff i listen to is synth stuff that is basically whatever fundamental plus tons of harmonics then filters
so like, its be neat to try and actually make fuzz that was like, in a certain scale
yeah i feel like im doing this backwards because a lot of the theory stuff i learned from doing audio electronics
tho ive heard it applied to processed instruments and heavily processed vocals and it sounds pretty cool
electro harmonix just came out with an autotune thing that comes off as vocoder-like
heh there is an autotune device in reason now
omg i have the whole weekend off i can play with it again \o/
reason, not reason autotune thing

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nothing too much just want to learn enough to find a good reference for scales vs like moods/genres
i got like, scales tab thing for my bass guitar and was playing things in diff scales and the shit kinda sounded like what it said it was supposed to sound like
especially like, east and south asian stuff

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also i booked a friday 6:00 to midnight meeting in the big auditorium thing
and the hardware team just going to drink and listen to musics
because i ask smart EE musician guy like, can you show me good book about music theory
and he decided prob better we listen to bunch of music i like a decide what specific things about it i like
then study relations between chords and scales and shit
so im like ok because this guy is good at musics
oh yeah
`nico: i got volvo stuck perpendicular on a little half lane hillside road in ecko park
stupid friend renting stupid house on the side of a hill
no 3pt fail
try and leave by 2am
dont get out of their until 6
took two diff size tow trucks, was a broken winch, tow truck hacker just made it happen
had to drag back of my car up stupid sideways driveway and drop it down onto the road maybe 4 or 5 feet
volvo is the same

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back to sleep
i like cashier girl at madis market
today she waves from like three aisles over when we bump eyes
and then i ask friend if we eat outside and shes like BYE! and like bouncewaves
she does karoake
thats almost like a junglist
`nico: okay so oddly my fuckit whatever get shit done attitude seems to be working out at jobthing
also we shipping in a few weeks

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also hi

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haha why fool
get a 914
or a ghia
the car doesnt handle well enough to blow that kind of money on making it somewhat fast
then why not drive the dolder porsche jezus fuck man
get a 914
you wont
youll just spin flip and die
while simultaneously melting your vacuum and fuel lines, causing a spin flip fireball
waste of money
actually you can get a supercharger for that engine
its used in some open wheel racers

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