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okay so i took the input of the mix channel through an audio splitter and then tapped that into another mix channel
sounds like motorboat
speed of motorboat depends on fader level of flip out channel
dmn i turned channel gain up and it killed the motorboat

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so i took the mix channel direct out and routed it into an audio mixer box along with a synth, routed the summed output into the mix channel input
so you can watch it flip out on the level meter
but you cant hear it

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but there is a switch i can turn the limiter software hardware thing off!
i can even delete is without a screwdriver
i plugged a mix channel device into itself and put the fader all the way up and nothing happens
direct out breaks mixer audio routing, but not level meter routing

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omg i found direct out in reason mix channel device
okay so i guess the trick to get me playing with music software is to make it look like hardware
i wonder if i can get the software to feed back on itself and explode

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well whatever pic docs suck
avr wins
i need to lunch
i turned the stereo system in my room on
so now i just want to lie in squishy bed and do nothing
im sure it couldnt do anything with it other than move it
`nerobro_: prob because something else went wrong and shit got way too hot
or maybe because they got cheap china caps
cheap china cap does not listen to data sheet!
cheap china cap does what it wants!
everyone does caps are expensive

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw jeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah
no its like 4 cycle latency
so if you read an in, send an out, it sent pin wont happen until 4 cycles later
or some shit
im not sure if i understand that correctly but thats what i understand
blackmoon: so every instruction takes 4 clocks to execute
but you can do an instruction on every clock
or no?
okay so its just 4 clicks per instruction
well thats lame
if an instruction takes 4 cycles on an avr its something way important
like, self destruct protection override or some shit

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