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putting win 7 on a hp pavillion laptop that came with vista
i dont know if this is going to go like, ultra smooth or ultra fail
because its procedural
a judge can rule that they broke the procedure but not neccessarily violated the right the procedure was meant to protect
because judges do that

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solid state data storage
and maybe simple status of status displays
20mAH, woohoo!

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they dont twist
which causes tangling a lot

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all their roads have the same name

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was like, +/-% or .05R, whichever is greater

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damn air is like 13e15
but its in the range of glass
wiki says
wait thats meter not mm
its a vacuum
theyre .05R usually
i found that out when i tripped out on 0R resistors having a power rating, not a current rating
its something about how they spec the tolerance

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teknique: haha
wtf do you mount it on and inside so that everything around it doesnt have less resistance

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``nico: thats neat i think because you didnt have to go to court for it
or most of the taxes/fees are a los angeles county thing

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