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teknique: cutting soft stuff is awesome!
minimum speed, max feed!

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than any amp will work
typical modern audio amp

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cmoy isnt an output amp
its an opamp =\
a chipamp with an input resistor equal to the speaker the radio expects to see is fine

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because it doesnt have a proper output amp

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oh haha
yeah that was last job, like 3 years ago
we ended up renting a schaffner
new job has two
will do up to 8kV contact dischard and 16kV air discharge
esd gun
contact has a steel cone tip, tiny radius, could stab yourself pretty bad
air is just a steel spherical tip, maybe like 1/4" radius
contact you gotta dig through paint and shit
battery doesnt click in well
and it recharges through an 1/8" TS miniplug
the batteries are kinda retarded, thinks its an older model tho

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good enough for a lot of stuff
lots of times the UI (uC) or audio (DSP) will lock up, and the uC watchdog will pull everything out
we self certify, the spec we give to the EMC lab is that our system should always reset without user intervention

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clicking on ti parametric filters, specs look neat
aw damn two watchdog timers
watchdog for your watchdog
was trying to pick which manual
but yeah 13 timers 80mhz excessive spi/i2c
for esd two watchdogs seems ideal
ive done testing on stuff where clearly the watchdog was fucked along with the rest of the uC

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are you guys bloggin stm32 shit?
tiem for sleep
this seems way more interesting right now than fix it fix it fix it ship it

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then maybe in 10 years you can maybe be science

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welcome to real life?
no one anytopen your eyes, look up to the skies and seeeeeee
damn not enough backspace
but yeah no one knows anything ever at all
its just assumed
thats what i try and explain at work when theyre like TRUST THE SCIENCE
im like wtf thats not science thats quick dirty engineering tests
you document, publish, wait for peer review, wait for other to repeat your work in many contexts

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