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i wear 30 and 32 NRR plugs to shows a lot
have lots from work
anyway, sleeeep
stupid mixer, gotta go back to guitar center again

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so its class A or A/b, pentode or triode, and has a few diff voicings, not sure how much of that is analog how much is dsp
has a low volume mode where it models the tube distortion without having to overdrive them
youve been here more recently than that im pretty sure i remember you
catbyte: was a gift
that might be true
yeah im not a guitar player so much
i kinda want to take one of the variax at work and strip out the electronics
the digital stuff, just runs plastic pots and normal guitar switch
anethema: shrug
guitar amps hurt my ears =(
i sat on this shit and played for like 45 min, by the end shit was waaaay up
more fun that way, sounds awesome, bad for ears

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fast forward designs became line 6
im an engineering grunt there
for a job in an stupid corporate office building, yes
i have a new rack pod, pretty neat
i have one
i have the combo
bogner designed tube amp, reconfigures itself with relays

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digital failure modes are usually catastrophic
i think i work for the guys who developed that shit =\
As a side note, design firm Fast Forward Designs was responsible for the software development for the ADAT and also the development of several future Alesis products including the QuadraSynth.

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my price at GC is $100 for that
im a dumbass i should have got that
i just figured we could drop the yamaha more before it fucked up

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fuckit we can have two
hey the pots are leaky
they wont full cut, only thing i dont like about it
the channel pots, not sure about the master pot
well its pa shit its tankish
haha @ unbalanced outs
they ground pin3 or what?
Two stereo input channels with balanced TRS jacks
the little 6ch alto does it

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sexy board
fuck yeah
rab: did you see how im pissed at the yamaha mixer
i bet the alto will have unbalanced inputs to
i cheaped out on buying a mixer for work, because im like why do we need two mackie VLZ
lets try this yamaha shit, its got no features but i just need two balanced stereo channels
of course guitar center guy is like YA GET THAT YAMAHA GOOD SHIT
im like INORITE
so i look inside the 1/4" jacks and only see two contacts and freak out
mackie is like king of tiny mixers
i <3 that thing
yeah i wanted to get one!
but only a single stereo balanced channel
im just going to buy a 802vlz3 thing

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so this shit is still vapor?
wonder if theyve even figured out they should have a guy at the factories in asia
so i wonder who fucked up the ethernet port

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heh, intended for education use = not intended for srs business
i wonder if you have to get safety and emc certs for academic products
i guess this doesnt have a case so they dont have to deal with that

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i barely even know what that is
isnt some scam where some dork is developing something in his free time using some bigass companies resources so he can later get ripped off
i bet it wont have rework tho!
256mb of ram
well, $35

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they fixed them
theyre probably gone
thats my exjob
warehouse/moving sale
i want the 8" monitors

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so back to yesterdays conversation about XLR vs TRS
fuck TRS, i see and XLR i know its balanced
hardcore northwest forest cats
hell maybe be fine in a few days
cats are good at healing stuff

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mine has RCA and XLR ins/outs, and TRS ins
i almost spent $90 at guitar center yesterday
and aborted right before giving dude the card
felt bad
today and went and bought a little console mixer for work
no it cant
so i can pick between $99 behringer (no), $120 alto (hmm), $150 yamaha (neat yamaha), $200 mackie (fuck yeah)
so im like, well all i need is two stereo balanced channels and i dont want it to break and we already have an awesome mackie
so i get the yamaha, from the guy i didnt buy the cables from
so yeah, the stereo inputs are TS, unbalanced
so now i got to take it back
im going to laugh if its the same sales guy

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`nico: did i tell you about $50 sub yet?
because im going to
first gen, no stupid plastic face, sealed box, 2006 qa sticker
yes its double plus ultra good
neighbors will finally complain
they need to shit i kinda feel bad for them
catbyte: because the shipping box was damaged and no one bothered to check the gift box
it was perfect, no scratches, they could have spent $5 on a box and sold it as A-stock
and theyre moving to a smaller building so they had a warehouse sale
yeah i thought i was getting one of these...
kinda ugly
i think it has a lift switch, but maybe less inputs

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moon wait he was talking about megaman!
also hi
get nylon or fiberboard washers and wavy lock washer
haha have fun troubleshooting shit when you chassis and system grounds short through a screw =\
thats good

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`nico: theres internal copper under mount hole pads?
toothed lock washers = death

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yeah man 4dBu of what
or -10dBV of what
its average volts
those are RMS values
what shows up on a VU meter
peaks are what matter, and thats not clearly defined
anyway bbl late for werq!

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the sensitivity is kinda ridiculous and it only goes to -30dB
hopefully the balanced inputs arent as hot, lame running nosignal levels to high performance stuff
subs can never be too loud!
but yeah i dont want to turn the m-audio tops way up to match them
dont really trust the protect circuits
catbyte: those are nominal/avg numbers
and almost nothing adheres to those standards except analog VU meters
because like, 4dBu with 3dB sine crests? 10dB rock n roll crests? 20-30dB classical music crest?
peaks are all that matter
opamp doesnt know wtf the rms is
it knows it clips a few volts shy of 15VDC
nominal level measurement is a dated concept
most LED meters are peak meters anyway

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do you want a WoW girl?
99% chance shes far
far sucks
well, unless you have the time and money to travel
far can be kinda cool then
girl nerds are like guy nerds they go both extremes
rab: subwoofer has not caught fire yet!

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