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maybe it was 320 and im pretty sure i have a 360 in this machine
three 120 platters?
anyway macs come with bad window managers

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but it wont do input except from ASIO devices
most of the faster interfaces use it
pretty sure
anything usb
well i might be able to rewire in
i wonder if fb2k has some sort of rewire plugin
fuck macs
i wouldnt use anything except windows for audio
a badass audio PC is like $600
for a mac itd prob be like $4000
with 8gb of ram and quad 2.8ghz and 360gb sata3 drives?

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rab: omgomgomgomg
if reason had a speaker management device (crossover/limiter/delay) i would <3 it forever
because now they haveaudio input, and can use multiple output interfaces
im going to hammer propellerhead emails
like if you had one of those
catbyte: yarly
you wouldnt have to use external input
well because it could be used in reason just to route audio
or use external midi to control a PA system
yeah you could prob get away with a 5.1 card for triamps

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cerwin-vega/krk warehouse
theyre moving, getting rid of shit, my buddy who works there saved stuff for me
sub is new, i think the 8" tops are fixed returns
few scratches, back lower corner of one is tiny bit smashed, broke whatever the hard finish shell is
i think its 1mm ABS, then they paint it
tiny bit of orange peel
rab: also i scored 8gb of reason refills (sample/preset libs) from someone leaving, and a tip on where to get way more \o/

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like, i like how they sound, but that means theyre not enough high end, and things produced on them will end up too bright
catbyte: my speakerthings?
i got like $600 in speakers for like $150 =\
rab: so g1 arent just painted MDF
its some sort of plastic sleeve, vacuum formed, or just shrunk in an over
but it goes like 1 into the ports, and you can feel where the radius of the port ends dont sit flush with the mdf box

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rab: no, other hacker got some g2 rp5 and rp8, and g1 and rp8, and a rp10s sub
he doesnt like any of them
he sent a g1 rp6 and g2 rp8 to his daughter
haha the rp6 died and hes like, unscrew the amp and send it to me ill fix it
and she sent the woofer =\
but yeah, he promised a friend the rest of them, but i told him i wanted the g1 rp8
and he says no at first, but then asks what i do if he doesnt sell them to me
i say i buy them from someone else for more =\
so he gives them to me for what he paid
okay so theyre not bright enough, i think big part is the 8" driver too big and crossed lower
id rather have a 5 or 6, because i have the sub
but anything i would be making would be for PA system playback, so i guess big 8" studio monitors kinda replicate big 15" two way PA speakers

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rab: did you see i got 8" g1 rockits?
pair for $100!

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rab is starting to, too
no i have a cnc mill
taig 2019cr
and a xylotex controller, medium nema23 motors
i would buy gecko controllers, if i did it today
but yeah .012 space/trace is pretty easy, .008 is doable buy drama

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if we go back to designing for extreme manufacturability, you can maybe make money on local production runs
but its ballsy shit and itll fail a lot
but contract manufacturers are opening up in los angeles, its inevitable that companies will try
its just not very flexible, asian manufacturing
you need to order huge quantities, wait a month for it to get across the water
then you have to pay warehouse people to sit on your huge quantities
then if you do well, youre fucked if you didnt predict it

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it means families fucked
dreams crushed
its a fucked situation
and company models that work flex based on competitive practices
its everyones decision in the end
not the engineering team
not the managers, not the board members
the whole industry decided
because the customer said do it
because they said, over and over and over
yeah sure, thats cool, but we want it cheaper
and next time we want more for the same price
and after a year that better be cheaper too
so people can have more stuff
its fucked, but its what the customer demanded
and the industry has eaten itself and sold out domestic manufacturing to do it
and theirs no way back
but chinese people will do better
and education there will get better
and maybe they will stand up for more rights
because its their turn, theyre putting work
just like japan is
prob manufacturing will move to south central asia
its cool, but fuckit whatever
i want to bring back manufacturing to my home
its kinda starting up again
because logistics and import drama are eating margins

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because theres no money in doing it well
they set a standard and we showed them we are willing to pay for poor quality
so doing it well ads cost, cutting corner is what makes money, and if the customer (the company who you are buying the product from) doesnt care, theres no money in it for you to care
this is basic shop management shit
you dont do better than whats expected
or else they wont pay you more to do better
but its our fault
china knows it to
they can ship fucked production prototypes to us and we will teach them how to fix it
so now they have +1 manufacturing knowledge
well, its out of desperation, or spite
no its our job to be ready for production
when we arent ready, we are fucking the factories
if their lines are sitting idle because our engineering wasnt up to real world manufacturing spec, we waste their time, their money
we dont pay for factory time
we pay for units, finished products, one unit on price
and thats what its about
its not about being proud
its about making money
pride means jobs lost

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but if that happens right around the opamps first filter pole, it can oscillate at pretty low frequencies
still above audio freq, but it can cause distortion in audio frequencies
like if the oscillation causes clipping, youre chopping up audio spectrum signal even if thge oscillation is at 200khz
or if its just kind of taxing the amp so it doesnt hit its normal slew and thd spec
ive done engineering sample design review for chinese designed products
bad grounds, stupid part selection for filters and signal path, lots of little mistakes
bad thermal management, bad supply filtering
lots of schematic copy pasty, but implimentation shows very little understanding of why those circuits are used, and how to get them to act like they should

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like, basically, by the time the filter output get to a certain voltage, the input is already swining the other way
so it was too slow to hit full scale of the input before it was being pulled the other way
thats where the attenuation comes from
the output is just too slow to get where the input is telling it to be
when the input tells it to swing the other way, it does, even tho its not where the input voltage peaked
but it has to do with delay through the rc versus the waveform period
its not significant at low frequencies, at high frequencies the filter is too slow to keep up
but after the filter roll off frequency, the output almost doesnt see the input
yeah you have to be sure to roll off before the natural opamp circuit filter poles
when doing multiple pole circuits
a lot of people will throw like 100pF of whatever across the feedback resistor
just to roll off higher frequencies

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opamps are two or three stage by design
ideal opamp is hiz input, and low z output, with a fuck ton of gain
thats accomplished in two or three stages
each stage adds its own latency, which translates into a filter pole
its just inherent in how opamps are designed
filters just add latency =\
its hard to explain, but basically the latency doesnt matter at low frequencies
yeah their the same thing
one is just a time value, the other is time value versus wave period
but say a RC adds like 1mS of response time
at 60hz, its 15ms period, so 1ms isnt a big deal
at like 1khz, its one wave period

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like, i kinda prefer that but for monitoring, kinda counter productive, will make all my shit sound brighter =\
also they dont fit nicely on my half cinder block
im going to have to get another half block

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to roll of gain to under unity before their 2nd filter pole frequency
opamps have at least two stages with inherent latency, which create filter knees
two filter knees = 180deg phase
so you turn your negative input into a positive
and your negative feedback becomes positive feedback
positive feedback = oscillation
so phase inversion, gain, and negative feedback = oscillation
but yeah what moon said, too
i think like 150 degrees shift at unity is considered safe
rab: the 8" g1 rokits arent as bright as the maudio 5" bx5a

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i got the 8" krk monitors that match my newsub!
for $100!

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so i missed hooker pageant
but hooker group gallery opening is tonight (!)
haha i can still figure out wheree i live in the valley
haha @ 8b street view
blackmoon: no like zelda

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call it muff strip missile

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woah @ cluster and emp missiles
haha @ carpet bomb missile
vertibirds explode cool

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is this where the kid bant you?
damn i should get back to big empty

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