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were making a pipboy?
just make an iphone frame?
and use the connector and write an app
pipboy is a smartphone
takes like a dozen people and a few million $

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fallout 3?
i kinda wish i could
your behind
you have to finish new vegas too

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aw damn
i wouldnt mind testing the shit out of a dozen of those

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oh yeah im sure she wants to be in a car for 5 hours for her bday
teh jeep?
mine goes through about a quart of ATF a gas tank
and it affects shifting and acceleration when down 2qt
especially when cold, and when turning
makes left turns interesting!
yeah i kinda wonder what kind of pots those are
prob shit carbon
if they are bourns plastic, im proud of humanity
i have bourns plastic in my guitar !

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whatever out service techs will handle it
only makes it to my hole if you break it in some new and unexplanable way.
and they have as much protection as the other DSP speakers, so prob wont see too much
engineering grunt
when is make?
i hopefully have newcar by bday
thats my mommys bday =\
well see
is it a last gen prelude with a manual transmission and under 100k miles?
will not buy

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so i gotta do service training video tomorrow
on the most unservicable speaker on the planet
and i gotta go out and do the drum n bass party until 2am tonight
we will be in a week!
readerror: http://line6.com/stagesource-l3t/features
thats not your problem!

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is it lighter than aluminum?
rab: sweet
rab: i has ideas
im stealing them from zee germans
but involves sensor like that

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you would want to hold onto something with 100A going through it?
what rab said
you need a precision shunt and a precision voltmeter
and balls
i dont know if i totally trust those
we have a fluke handheld and a tek probe and they do not agree
no you dont want steel balls for this
delrin would be ideal
still hard, but non conductive
g10 is structural shit

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yeah, its rolling dice

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yeah that doesnt work =\
+1 labor money
our factories seem to hate masking shit...

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inductor will get rid of ground voltage offsets from dc currents
or just use a little ferrite bead jumper
anyway, when you have to deal with ESD hostile environments, or design to pass EMC certification tests, you want options
install protection diodes on *all* signal lines on external connectors
you dont need to install them but you want the pads there in case you need to
go read about PCB spark gap protectors
theyre free and they work for ESD high enough to damage IC
it depends how servicable the prototype is...
if it takes you 30min to put the smoke back inside, and another 20 to put it back together, smoke can make me pissy

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going to other grounds?
well if hes dealing with shit like that, hes on his own
well in general dont get diff signals close to each other =\
analog inputs and output, digital clocks and signal lines, psu rails
but irl nothing ever works out that awesome because someone else gets to decide where to put connectors and controls
well split your grounds
kill any possible loops, branch out the copper pour from the star ground, keep planes under diff types of signals isolated
monkeyisl: if you do something like that, you have a lot of options
you can replace the R with a low value resistance or a 0R jumper
you can put a cap to keep ESD spikes from lifting grounds and tearing IC and transistors apart

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you cant seperate them completely
tie them with a low value resistor and a .1uF capacitor and a 100uH inductor
like 1R
all in parallel
then fuck with the values
in what point, fuck if i know
your power supply has capacitors?
tie both to the caps how i said
the ground of the cap
you might just want to try using a wire, tho
well, two wires
ok irl, from now on
star ground everything
the star point will be your power supply capacitors
okay then do that at the dac/adc
sure itll say that
just play with it
but in general, star ground to your power supply
you can bring all analog ground together
all your digital grounds together
and then take those two star points to your power supply

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bigger steppers
if i wanted to replace mine with bigger steppers, single shaft ones would be cheaper, more off-the-shelf
i like the dusl shafts on mine tho

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he doesnt even have a cnc setup
which is odd becauses hes moon and the technical side of it would be cake

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something like that
you use it to square the column with the table
after that you can use it to square anything
its not so awesome for inspection, because theres radius error
you can calculate it, simple trig, but theyre awesome for relative measurements
yeah typically you would verify that with a dial test indicator
i eyeball it and then get it final with a test indicator
i dont even have a square
the test indicator has dovetails on the top and back edge
and it comes with slide on shanks
no you get an adapter to put it in the spindle
but you can use it on a table
all sorts of holders
for the leadscrews?
knobs for the steppers but i lost em all
came with dual shaft steppers
if i ordered up some new spiffy steppers, i would get them dual shaft even if it was a lot more

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get a dial test indicator
can use that to square a lot of things
i would use it to verify after using a square anyway
like that
or even...
that and...

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broke a tap off in the aluminum, did circles around it with an endmill to remove
taig is pretty good at 6061 aluminum
theyre like 6x4, pretty general purpose
and have an er16 spindle
yeah i dont remember but im guerssing it was like $50 or $60

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i have an intel mobo, gets better latency/jitter numbers than *anything* on linuxcnc benchmark tables
i think i paid about $80 a year a couple years ago for my atom mobo
readerror: i had like 200 pcb blanks the same size
so i made an aluminum clamp
theres a clamp thing that slides over the front edge too
readerror: i think ultra pro pcb routers use some sort of rubber vacuum pad
haha @ the bite in the corner of one

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readerror: different stuff
i have a screwless tool makrer vise, little guy but almost too big for the taig
got a pair of tooling plates
either place them parallel with the table, to kind of extend the table
or put them perpendicular
almost like arms coming off the front of the table, to clamp bigger stuff
like if i want to do two setups to machine diff sides
i have a fixture for that
no air
i hold by the edges
yeah all their stuff is neat
540 is a deal
for a pc i would suggest dual core atom boards

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was he still involved in the company?

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kinda want

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