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hi channel people
hmm maybe pspad

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just the switch on the column for the spindle motor

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open loop, no limit/home switches or encoders
just step drivers

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the steppers are like $40/ea?
and yeah, thats a neat gecko controller
yeah kinda
atom board is pretty neat, just click in ram, plug in hdd and psu, done
i got an intel board with a parport pin header
i pretty much just drop the livecd on the hdd and drop my config in place and im running

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i think 270oz*in?

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my samsung phone is basically a nokia phone
phone calls, texts, java apps
those phones will always sell
because theyre basically pagers
but is doesnt need to be nokia selling them
anyone could fill that gap

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i didnt even get the 9/11 reference
i thought he was just being a non specific dork

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