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i need to sell all the things but i hate selling the things
im going to take a nap

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do you have a book or something
if youre learning it from one of them, theres compatibility issues, doesnt always apply

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eh youre primitive
everyone already knows about this stuff, tho
im like the last one
okay so your sister was retail girl
what does it mean when they talk about their personal life stuff
they just do this with all the customers
or does it mean they want penis
that makes sense
its like when i walk upstairs to the lab and see my bike in the corner
and want to play with bike but rly i have to work
yeah true
you have hypothetical relationships with like every girl you look at dont you

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and girls like liquid dnb
mech armor
i just ask for phone number
and watch her crash and reboot and then wait for her to do something
well i mention something music related because she seems like a music is important person
so is french fries in shawarma pitas and burritos, apparently

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anyway i have a crush on checkout girl now so im over all this
maddys market
she acts all super friendly and interested so im going to take it to the awkward retail moments level
she was all embarassed to admit she went to someones bday thing and it was shaking her ass to dubstep
so im going to turn her into a junglist
eh its how it happened to me =\

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like, should i save them
i def need to ask her again
well cool or hilarious for me
i dont think itll help with my non-friendship with her
mostly i think she will be like OMG BYE
i wonder if i could get friendgirl to ask her
pretty sure friendgirl knew all about them
haha shes probably seen them, because girls
friendgirl has already seen what they were modeled on
damn i wonder if that was awkward if that ever actually happened

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but she is sending me links to web porn even a few weeks earlier, like more hardcore than stu porn
so i didnt feel like it was that inappropriate
i bet she chucked them some place
i liked the feshtone and green striped one, i did a kind of clear coat
but these are like tributes to Cock With No Name
definitely the colors
i dont even rememberwhat color the other one was
what about your girl
mine werent mine
prob why theyre in some ditch somewhere
tho it would be way crazy if they were safe in a box in a closet

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yeah i dont remember
i think it ended up by her car somewhere in chico
long distance non-relationships suck sometimes
i think she only answers when she didnt check her caller id
haha ya!
like once or twice a year
really things havent been the same since she told me she was dating someone else, and i asked what she did with rendildos
i did not get a response
i will have to ask again on day...
*one day

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omg k
eheheh heheheheh
i seen both places
remember i dropped the monitor at the apartment

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macegr: affirmative
i did not click tho
as first time customer at new dispensary: free joint, free gram of trainwreck, free pipe, free lighter, 4g 1/8 (+0.5g)

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trip out i dont think those sold for that much like 3 years ago...

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pacific scientific powermax ii, i think

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limit/home switches?
i dont have those
you meant the software config
its at someone elses place in their garage =\

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guys what else can i sell

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macegr is like uncovering some complicated fraud activity
tomorrow: shot at by sleep therapists
they too busy shredding files
this vortex apple gum kinda tastes like playdo!

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make a vapor tube with thumb valve into your sleep helmet
dont be so quotey

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you go to sleep clinic?
do you know how much weed that would have bought?
do you sleep better at least
hes got one of those chair eggs?
like they have that chair in the egg where he kicks it without his helmet
i assume he was napping like that
on the empire spaceship
chair egg nap chamber
smoke weed. everyday.

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so tomat, what brings you to #electronics?

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talk to tomat

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