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i think american spirits are cotton
the medium i think have a charcoal disc
synth: the cheap shit, yeah its def an open cell foam
GPC and Rave! and shit like that
the strandy stuff is sometimes fiberglass
very cheap cigs
oh yeah
you cant fix a cig you lit backwards by cutting off the filter
makes the whole thing taste funny

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magnetics prob not a problem if im going up in frequency
like, a bit
well thats why id have to tweak the gate inputs
but yeah id just try to get it farther away from audio
im guessing its something like 30-40khz
naw thats too low
i think the way the magnetics shake there is sub harmonics
like maybe close to the assemblies resonant freq so they shake on their own
but ive built and worked on shit was out of audio but close and you hear the mags
sand is a good particle filter
just nasty
if you cake it hard enough that it doesnt come apart prob not a very good filtere
well right but this factory didnt have cotton it had sand
and paper, and tobacco
its foam
and fiberglass, but mostly foam

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neat nm the screws are under the rubber feet
when korean guitar factory went to trade show in beijing, they brought me like half a carton of cigs, cheap shit no filters but i smoked them
then when engineering from factory visited here, he brought me like two cartons of korean marlboro lights
was my brand in korea
blackmoon: charcoal?
or like, literally just sand
so like
timing RC and gate input RC
and thats probably it?

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guys its school
so in their case its not real
and irl, your boss would be like, yo we dont have budget for adc's and amps and filters
because the places prob buy their chicken in bulk thats been screen binned
haha, dropping chicken through different size chicken grates
so its basically a microwave
without the deadly RF shit
like, commercial microwave, sev style
to learn how to design feature based products
and irl you dont get to make what you want
you do what youre told
other monkeys get to make up the features
got the switcher noise on my vape is horrible
speaking off
i has an idea
well i could try above 30khz or whatever its at
its snap together im pretty sure

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no idea how to do that
is there an IDE with like lego bricks and arrows and shit
for turkey and chicken there really are no options
diseased, done, and dry i guess
hmm sucks my chain got all loose
breakin in i guess

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but they guy literally want to like, matrix them all with single pins
or something
funny, i always worry about the unstonered people doing that...
well thats just good parenting
ill totally bring my vaporizer up and tell undereducated people at your party its aroma therapy
theyll be into it, its got feedback temp regulation and a fan and LED ring base and backlit custom LCD and THREE led indicators, and an IR remote
and a sleep timer!
and you can change from C to F and F to C!
my AVR shit did that
thats what button 3 was for

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i think timecop is 4'10", 90lbs, and always wears salmon alligator shirts
what are they going to call the cops
well its silly to think i would go to a party where people are drinking and not smoke
well the midwest is retarded
fuck america
california uber alles
I don't need dimming control. I need to be able to turn any number of them on in any combination.
i thought he just wanted to turn them all on and off and you were being a mean bitch

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or corn nuts
so what
again so what
yeah thats fucked up to deal with i imagine, first time
whatever i look at all the shit
nothing good there
i lost a drip tip
think you said that backwards?
whatever i live in room 101
never oriented in the first place
so basically i will know nothing about them
ill be sure to bring the weed
prob no one else will

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haha @ take bart to SF, hang out for hours before catching a bus to friends in haight district
catch a drum n bass show, get some sleep, bus and bart back to hayward
make it to work on time
seen this i think
now sure on all four guys at once tho
dont eat that shit
go get some garlic and cheese croutons or something
gardettos snacks
because they have substance, nutritional value
takis is crap wtf is that shit
low a porkless pork rind

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tekrad: just a little bit
depends if i have a car by then
head gasket blew up couple weeks ago
and that car wasnt allowed out of LA except for very limited occasions (NAMM)
tekrad: i knew it was going to happen, and the car went 50k miles, for $1500, no expensive maintenance
brakes and tires
i asked hr girl about a 401k loan right before it happened
told her the car has lasted 3 years with me thinking it was a week away from failure
and that i thought it was pretty much over
if i want to go that much i just bus it up there and rent a car or some shit
bus is prob way cheaper than gas
dont have time
i barted around a few of the trips to hayward

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blackmoon: we have one of those phillips emergency first aid defibrillators at work
i so want to pull it off the wall and try it on someone
or something
see what happened when you defibrillate a powered speaker

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