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i have win7 on my desktop at home
i havent used a lunix for anything except the cnc in years =\
thats how i checked the laptop ram and disk at work

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timecop: who cares if youre trying to get something off it and leave
timecop: also a lot of times i dont care if IT knows
just like i didnt care vp of HR found out i broke into the building
project got a schedule, yo
and then
holy shit first boot, device manager 1000% clean

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so uh
win7 installs always go really well
`nico: vista = NT ME
and WTF chntpw still works in win7?
this is kinda rly sad
livecd, can reset and wipe passwords
anything nt based
so basically, if you can boot from cdrom, box is yours
which means 90% of boxes, youre in
other 10%, you just have to go into bios
and who locks bios?

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cmon rly?
these things are that cheap? oem?
clearly this is a trick

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timecop: what do you mean?
why they throwing them away?
who knows
if they sell them they have to pay taxes on them, this way they write them off
so there was piles of laptops, rack servers
some UPS stuff
printers, no monitors
always a few relic macs
dont slam the brakes!
but yeah no adapter
but i can charge it at work until i get one
as a hood loaded projectile?
i have this opinion
at a music gear company
so im like, hateful and shit
seriously $7?

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wtf $7?
timecop: i got free dell d830 at work
1920x1200, dual 2.0ghz, 2gb ddr2,
i had to build one out of two
yeah wtf dpi!
but it passed memtest86 twice and the hdd tested no bad blocks, normal read speeds
yeah core2 duo
haha hardware serial port ftw
its basically the computer ive thrashed at work
but like, upgraded
my work laptop is like, scared
fallen off car roofs and slid across parking lots
had its rj45 mag jack burnt out with our proprietary rj45 power/aes/midi cable
thing keeps going

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blackmoon: ur more american than i am!

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