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what happens when your credit car is all paid off, zero balance
and you return something and it gets credited back
do i have like, -$100 balance
k checking end of the world status now
not showing up yet
world is safe will check again tomorrow

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well yeah now im using it to get home from work
so i ride it like 6-10mi a day
faster than waiting for the bus
no because the wait between buses is short
and its all uphill
and traffic is way worse
sucks today the second bus had bike rack filled
im like, im am not riding over the mountains to work
you mfkr you let me in
but like nicer and he let me go in the back with my bike, shit is super crowded

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gets all dirty and its a bitch to clean off
mine still has the factory machine oil
yeah, maybe 100mi on the bike
i would just ride it a few blocks to eat on weekends

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oh fuck readerror and revtom two diff nicks
somehow that convo just continues as one for me
because the Re
anyway, ive considered using vactra #2 on my bike chain
its lighter like machine oil but it kinda wicks onto metal
like metal chips will fall off it, but it stays on the metal
well, fall asleep with the shield off the cnc enclosure...
and yeah it is weird
is it heavy?
i dont want to put heavy grease shit on my chain

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meh i do it all the time
for years i worked in corp office, my right inner pant legs turn up
yeah im just lazy
im going to get velcro i think
i dont wear tall socks
and i wear loose pants
revtom: but yeah, first time you break the machine down to clean it, adjust backlash nut, gibs, etc
wipe all that green machine grease off
and replace it with vactra #2
and put it all over the screws
no it ships with it
the leadscrews
the leadscrews?
or the grease
the screws the steppers attach to
no fool on the cnc

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the pins are still all carbon steel
revtom: what are you using for way and screw lube?
on the taig
you want vactra #2
yeah my bike doesnt break
the bag would just go in one side home out the other
haha i eat my pants tho =\
i usually catch it a couple teeth in and freewheel backwards
but yeah if it gets in between the chain and sprocket, the freewheel kinda locks up

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my bike is geared for like 20mph at 120rpm
so im like 15-20mph all the time
no gears
i have to take off the rear wheel and flip it around
sprockets, gears, whatever, its fixed at one ratio
unless i take it apart =\

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i was thinking about getting one until i realized how heavy the hubs are
fuck turning all that mass
i dont need gears
revtom: mechanically its pretty sexy
but i built this bike to be stupid light
aluminum and cf, be dumb to put a bigass hub on it
it probably becomes pretty brainstem
i just got the cf forks because rhett sold them to me for $150
and they were $300+ at the time
otherwise i would have gotten aluminum
heh i prob been around 40mph on a bmx cruiser
god if that shit had failed...
wtf is mjollnir

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has four sealed beerings
but yeah hard to mount anything in that frame
i played with gokarts and minibikes in junior high were cvt
just a belt and like, spring loaded pulleys
yeah pretty much like a normal geared bike
usually way heavier tho, i guess
meh, fuck suspension
spend all that money on a light bike just to have some dampers eat all your energy
youre going to make a recumbant motorbike?
unibody thing or like, tube frame thing?

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blackmoon: so now that car blew up im finally riding the bike i spent like $800 on
6061 Al 24" BMX cruiser frame, carbon fiber fork tubes with steel endcaps, Al rims, Al handlebars, 175mm cranks, sealed bearing headset, bottom bracket, hubs, pedals
and yeah i kinda thought about putting a motor on
but the frame is low profile
euro threaded bottom bracket

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but there wasnt any other atom setups posted then, i think my results were pretty typical
works sucks im never doing it again
401k loan check is in managers office
want naow
then next week is start of 3 paycheck month and all my bills paid
so car search starts for real

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i use soft limits and just shut down with it stopped at machine zero
and you can set EMC to remember where your last position was so really you dont even need to do that ]
i never did much in the way of upgrades to the machine
wow nice
sharpies jack into the 3/8" collet?
got the atom mobo? the 3d toolpath feedback is running nice on that box
oh nice
theyre likely lower latency
i dont even remember
better than anything on the linux cnc table as of last year
or maybe the year before that, shrug

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i use 30 degree tips
either half rounds or pyramid
because of the cutting profile, your thin traces will be like, triangular in cross section
you get problems with traces getting eaten, or stuff connecting at the bass
had good results with both of those with .005" tips
after they break you can usually still do .016" type stuff with whats left
well, try it
yeah but at 90deg, you need to go about .010 deep at least
so its considerable thicker at the top of the cut

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just a brass clamping nut
it depends, its not consistent
how do you measure that?
nice dial indicator
did you get a taig?
blackmoon: its like, hardened steel or tungsten steel vs brass
it doesnt wear much
the backlash nut wears down, but thats by design
you just clamp it down again
haha cool
wasnt k2 light duty?
pcb is incredibly light duty
what material?
i wont use HSS with the taig
that wont work well for fine pitch

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omfg tired
bike to guitar center
because today was 30 days to return some shit i bought for work that dissapointed me
distance in a sec
oh trip out its 9:00 i made badass time
neat google maps does zip code outlines
oh just 8 miles
readerror: .008" space/trace
but its drama
.012" you have to pay attention, .016" itll do all day like whatever
yeah i usually do
naw no real backlash setup

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