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instead of doing laundry i played with bass guitar

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Draw arbitrary pad shapes easily
Take a pad or an SMD as basis and draw the final contour with the help of the WIRE or POLYGON command. These objects will be considered as part of the pad/smd. No more problems with Design Rules Check for such objects.
so now eagle does the one thing diptracre did that it didnt do well
i do not want to do laundry
OMG plus new dimensioning tool
new clothes will not arrive on time

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rab: neato
i got mine flipping io bits and reading adc and i havent looked at it since

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yes for as long as i can remember

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joellama: hi
i need burrito

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ccfl_manx: dvd drive?
i dont think ill ever buy an internal optical drive again
the external usb ones come in handy a lot
timecop: mfkr
be here
or anyone else have suggestions for a double++ ultra clipboard upgrade?

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