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not in like 4 years

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yeah you

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etecholy shit this video is long and the music is really bad

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readerror: usually mastercam
readerror: http://gcam.js.cx/
guy who used to hang out here devs this
prob got married, iunno

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i blew it up nothing happen
was clear red
this is boring
i burnt resistor =\
oh 330K wtf
i was using like 680R
but it never conduted rev biased
so i got bored and put 40mA through it until resistor smoked
but it was shiny!
led THAN ler
er caps lock than shit
i need a nap

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gpf: my green led dont do anything
at 60v
and yeah sometimes 2230 boots up and complains about video controller errors
sometimes it wont even work in analog mode
analog mode has vector overlays with volt and timebase indication
you know how to fix?
pls say
its huge
thats it?
i recap it and its good?
board i shuge

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k fine
my tek 2230 decides to work (vector dso)

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what speed
what supply voltage
how is that man made
that like the definition of naturally occuring noise
its picking up radiation from something
plus noise

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you replace it with a known good backlight inverter
if the backlight works again, the first backlight transformer is bad

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randomly apply voltage to the pins in all combinations
if nothing smokes its good

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heh @ IT nurse

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