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its got a switcher
thats pretty neat
hmm or not
macegr: the spade terminals are cheap, get strips of AMP/Tyco ones for nothing

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shrug, 18 ohms is fine
my shit (64R) is odd, i imagine its so you can drive them off of weak ass opamp based hp amps
or so some monster amp doesnt burn them out

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cant argue with that
so my 64R sony monitor things are like squeeky shiny clean
its kind of the last segment of modern engineering where voodoo still prevails

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to a point
after which, youre just rinsing nutrients
tho youre in a 1st world country, youll be fine
yeah seriously
i had to clean my kitchen up
all i have to do now is stove top and floor then its like, normal people kitchen again
smokering: juicing is expensive
i can drink a bag of apples in like 20 minutes
i dunno it looks pretty scrapey inside the juicer

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because pepsi sucks, amigo
you cant make a burrito out of burros
well, not the whole burrito
and the meat might not taste great
fuck, now?
im about to hike to the top of a hill by mulholland and get stoned
with old friend, get pespective, and whatnot
and what are you working on?
are you still on alternating days diet?
are you supplementing with caffeine and gaurana?

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give up at electronics
i dont know

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no just .008
the tips of the 30 degree cutters are .005, so trying to do .006 you would end up with triangular profile traces
prob wouldnt survive cleaning with nylon or short horsehair bristles so its by definition failure
fuuuuu im tired
i had some fucked up dream about the project at work where something had two problems at once and everyone was getting confused
all night, stressing out over fake project issue like there arent enough real ones
i trip out i go back to work or check email and this problem actually existed...

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