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and figure it out with pictures in my brain

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its based off previous designs?
unless you totally jacked up the IC circuits, can prob rework anything else
and usually you can rework ic glue
well you have a microscope
no excuses
god speak in english say .008
oh cmon its drivers and strings on glasses frames there no way this shit isnt compromised
your shit is going to be clown sized
maybe someone will bring a giant sculpture of something with eyes
that sounds right
2 layer?
the layer count?
i just know .039 is really important
and then think reallty hard

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its missing the little trim piece where the fog light goes =(
you have to stand like 10 ft back to notice so i didnt
its sat/sunday, no?
yeah moms bday is sunday
but i hang out with her tomorrow
buy her big flowers and shit
do you have place i can crash for the night?
yeah can prob do both days
maybe sat morning
what time does it start?
and i was thinking leaving like 4a ot 5a
i have week to figure it out
and next week at work is going to be boring

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macegr: i got newusedcar
so driving to bay would be perfect newcar test

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