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should i?
its little wavetables w/ feedback delay
listening to this, will click the youtube after

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workbench: im not going to let anyone drive it
the only person who i think would ask im definitely saying no to
if he asks why i just tell him because i seen him drive other peoples manuals

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okay so its just continuously variable really aggressive intake cam advance
that why its hard to figure out when it switches over, it doesnt, i watches too much and thinks to much to do it the same

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i dont like the rear end on the last celica
if they had done the rear like the tc, it would have been an awesome car
yeah im glad mine didnt come with a wing
only thing i maybe want to do with it is short shifter and shift linkage bushings

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well, scions high end
price and power wise i guess its like a corolla, civic
its like, toyota youth branding
tho i guess the tc was the first car designed as a scion
the xA and xB were just rebadged JDM stuff
workbench: yeah exactly
its like, fit/civic territory
ya hopefully
i let finance girl talk me into the warranty so if drivetrain, suspension or electronic shit gets fucked toyota dealership will fixit
$200 deductible tho
and doesnt cover clutch
but clutch feels okay
i dont drive to be smooth, really

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i think around 4000rpm head switches profiles and then its, accelerating nice at 75mph, OH SHIT @ ACCELERATION AT 80MPH
1NZ-FE's inlet timing can be varied over a range of 60 degrees relative to crankshaft angle, to provide optimum valve timing for the full range of driving conditions.
WTF @ 60 degrees
im not sure what you mean
and its hardly comparable
2007 scion tc
so like 160hp, 5spd
short gearing
i think like 2900lbs?
it handles okay but its def not its strong point
things skidpad from factory was weak
like .81g or some shit
and this car came with the tires i was going to get for it
so the situation is already improved a bit
but yeah, its not a miata

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guys I <3 new toyotacar
and yeah internets isnt kidding, clutching into 1st is kinda a bitch
car is geared way low so 1st is stupid sensitive
i wish i could adjust the taper of the throttle pedal pot
volvo gas pedal is sprung ridiclulously stiff, so depressing a nipponese pedal .1" is a bitch =\
its only geared to 120mph
like, screaming at its redline
so like, 40-90mph, you can leave it in 5th and thing will accelerate and pass cars in 5th like whatever
im trying to figure out more about its variable valve system

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