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03:13 <@BlackMoon> renesis: buy a log throttle pot.
03:13 <@BlackMoon> or a higher resistance one then put a resistor across it
blackmoon: i dont think it uses the full range of the pot
so if the ECU expects a fighrly tight range for min and max, a log pot will have lots of dead zone at ledal ends or the ecu might just decide its broken
so it needs opamp or MCU level converters with offset and buffers
also, in the wiring diagrams, they usually show the ecu with parallel resistors internally

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hmm theres offset
wont work so easily

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what if i put a resistor across my toyota throttle pots
to give my throttle a log curve
should work right!?

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how did your boat work out?
bondo and other fillers are kinda industry standard
it ships in new cars
tool handle dip.

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okay so my scion car stereo can supposedly eat mp3cd
lets see how retarded it does this

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