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anyway bbl

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naw its kinda normal, ive used other car companies drive by wire stuff, its all diff but its same kind of feel
latency, too
i guess because it makes the car feel more powerful?
yeah maybe you just adjust a table in the ecu flash
i think it would be fine if it were log taper
well i have to think too much about it
pretty much same deal
well its just two pots
naw, just change the pedal response

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like its already doing a log taper
im just thinking about how to change the throttle response
so its more log
because its way too sensitive on the low end, and the car is geared stupid short
im reading through the documents honda sent to dealers explaining the cars features in outline format
and it actually says 'stupid short'
and yeah ive never had issues like this with cable throttles
and the engine revs float when you disangage the clutch
the xB i drove thousands of miles did that too
so you take longer between shifts, or you unclutch fast and it kinda hops, or you unlutch slowly and wonder how long this lutch will last
but yeah to start out in 1st, because of how its geared, like depress pedal .1" youre good, .2" yeah too much its going to scoot

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