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TRD also made a supercharger kit, only 5psi, so people were changing the pulley and overboosting and blowing up their tC
i could make it but id rather just buy them
as opposed to trying to get the dimensions perfect in multiple tries so it has right feel
but yeah thats prob why they stopped selling the supercharger in 2009
turns it into a 200hp toyotacar

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tho it does that thing like the xB where the rpms float when you have clutch in and youre off the gas
so you have to like wait a few seconds for revs to drop to match next gear or just kinda hop it into gear
but yeah throttle response is retarded sensitive
it so feels like a linear pot when should have been log taper
its a camry engine
but its geared way short
like you can drive it in 5th from 35mph and car still responds to throttle decent, doesnt feel like its lugging
i kinda want to get a short shifter and linkage bushing kit for it
make it like miata clicky
there is a TRD one, but its fucked expensive

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`nico: chillin
i like my new toyotacar
it only goes 120mph
so yeah not pretending to be a track car
haha like cruising in 5th at 70mph, shit is at 3500rpm, which is right at its torque peak
is gocartish
and then the vvti kicks in yo
it never really kicks in sometimes its just like, uh car you dont have this much torque calm down
like, steady passing someone and it decides you care trying to go fast and all of a sudden you start accelerating faster, no movement on the pedal
most of the time it guesses right

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morning hackers

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how do you not understand it, tho?
you put it in the other hole and do pretty much the same thing
and how can you tell the resistor girl is getting it in the butt, anyway?

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i <3 that page
and wtf do you mean 'wat'
you dont understand sex?

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