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_psi_: yeah thats prob fine
maybe a bit slow
look at it with a scope, 10x
just put a footprint where anything will fit
or put them in parallel and only populate what you need
yeah youre fine then

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not enough bass =\

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_psi_: in most apps a diode is probably fine
tvs is basically two zeners
well, usually, tvs is a pretty generic term
but tvs are often rated for repetitive use and max charge dissipation and prob more likely to have available EMC and safety cert documentation
honestly its prob always better to use a TVS device, but cost is usually a high priority and theyre almost never necessary

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gotta go steal prototype speakers and take to coworker party

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thats neat
as you know, i <3 this guy
also, hahaha @ schumacker complaining about tires being made for specific teams/tracks
like, youre schumacher, tires were made custom for you every race for years

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even then, tight enough bends are either going to kink the pipe or leave it way thin
never been way into american open wheel racing
kinda the only thing american ive liked is GT and SCCA rally stuff

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irreplacable gen 1 krk rockit 10s making power test smells =\

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just need a couple machine manuals
long code you kinda gotta just trust the simulator =\
for the machine, those are the best code descriptions
textbook gcode doesnt always apply

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