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7oz pacifico
youre like OMG DEAL
but then you pull one out and its like 2/3 neck
and then feel stupid because 4 six packs should be heavier
they prob told blogger to be sure to say something sucks or it wont be credible
they didnt use the words nasty microwaved appetizers

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man germans are assholes
spent hours downloading hd stuff, switch to english audio track, its blank
its corona that doesnt suck
it makes corona taste like something that comes from a concentrate
like corona comes from 55 gallon barrels of dark amber sludge
watch out for these 24 packs of 7oz corona

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had to be some explanation..
macegr: does it have tamatillo?
omg its just green tobasco

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take this picture to your supermarket and tell them to order it for you if they dont have it
how can you call it chunky and put it in a beer bottle
noticed this almost immediately

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you need to get the herdez stuff, ive had the la victoria stuff its not very good, side by side
well thats better than red tobasco
but its still jalapeno salsa
you cant even tell your own salsa verde apart
ive done extensive research on this
serialy prob like $100 on diff salsa verdes
including la victoria
herdez is like #1 omg fuck yeah almost as good as exgf's mom's
why do you die
it doesnt even taste like onions it tastes like tamatillos and seranos
thats not true
it most like the weed, not the salsa

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onions is the third ingredient after green tomatoes and chili peppers
weird im pretty sure it used to say serano peppers
anyway, its not jalapenos, and it tastes like seranos, and chili peppers cant mean cayenna because then it would be brown salsa
vinegar? sugar? this is like mcdonalds salsa
good hot sauce doesnt have vinegar
tobasco has vinegar

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you gotta put flavors and carmel and crushed ice and whole milk and whipped cream in it for it to be good
emeralds are neat
hehe @ booger piercings
buy herdez salsa verde
most other salsa out of a jar sucks
their green shit is jalapeno it sucks
avacado salsa?
well their salsa verde is jalapeno
so now they have two fail salsa verdes
yeah but im saying they both fail at salsa verde
unless they put seranos in the chunky jalapeno one
it doesnt matter jalapeno salsa sucks
get herdez salsa verde
look im way more mexican than you

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no it was a real computer
hardware serial port ftw
its got multihz and gigamegs
and it passes memtest86 and badblock and access time scans
IT trashpiles are funny because you get to see how *dated* 5 year old mac shit looks
core2 duo!
total investment: $30 for oem power adapter
thats cool because starbucks coffee is shit

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so seriously fucked up, i got totally addicted to aerobiz supersonic
like, i was running an airline company
i did the right thing like 18 years ago when i played it for 5 min and took the cart out
i always go back to f-zero
when im a badass i can totally beat it at higher difficulty with samurai goro
you just dont hit anything ever!
blackmoon: no there is just a slider to reduce/maintain/increase/tothemax your customer service budget
someone needs to hack the original z-fero for analog stick control
or do some sort of analog to digital pwm thing

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i got a 1920x1200 laptop out of trashpile at work
yay dpi
i played filtered graphics SNES on it all weekend
(because stuck in loud abandoned office building with no interwebs)
i tried to play f-zero on expert like i was 14 and shit
iwas switching it bunch
completely totally depends on the game

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god i wonder if they have to certify head and tail lights at some sort of optics lab...

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yes google mentions but that seemed not interesting enough
i kinda just want to go to sleep until my paycheck shows up in my acct

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anal0g: for the 0.1uF use a ceramic chip cap (MLCC), for the 1uF, use MLCC (small) or electrolytic (cheap)
if you need to use through hole, use film or ceramic for the 0.1uF
you want the 0.1uF to have decent high frequency response, so avoid electrolytics
also i would put 0.1uF on both sides
if you dont give a shit about size, power dissipation isnt a problem, and cost is high priority, but you still need decent protection circuits
fuck yeah why not
why did you put the lunix on your pc?
wtf is o9k

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