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macegr: that the original gif?
oh i get it youre saying the guy at the shop k NEVERMIND
also nite

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you dont know that
software pricing is a weird thing
but apple is already doing it, so the overhead is spread out over the cost of the development for dozens of products
so apple might actually make money despite low pricing, because theyre primarily a programming company
where as its not at the core of what yamaha/motu do
shrug, thats business

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audio industry is like that, companies eaten up for profit

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mmmm deep dish well done

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it has 7 mins before it turns the cute girl at pizza shop into lying bitch
guys chevron is saying i paid $48 for gas (true) and then $126 for i dunno what on same day
i think i been jacked
well its still pending
and there is also a $0 charge, with the same number in the label
i dunno if the number is transaction or chevron location or what
inorite, $126 seems like a lot
$0, $5, okay fine

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home of moon

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the cold part

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on monday i prob wont lose my job

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a lot of the nutrients are way gritty too, sure to fuck up all sorts of fluid automation gear
anyway my little portable a/c is messed up, so i have to get another one before i do anything again
or move into a place has bedroom a/c
okay rebewt, newreason

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im used to buying in small bulk and paying like 35% of retail
i dunno about that
thats when indoor kinda blew up here
interest has seemed pretty consistent here since, heh
`nico: i need to automate the whole thing!
$2 uC!
pieces of it
light/pump timers, and a lot of the environmental stuff is super simple
monitoring/mixing nutes gets more complicated
that was most the work, too

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flo looks sad
i figured it out, its because shes not moving
so shes smiling and stuff but its like she trapped =( =( =(
and youre not even growing weed
that seems right
when im growing i have like 500W of lights and a 1500W a/c on almost 24/7
so my two month bill will be like $600 =\
grow has to net like $1000 just to pay electric bill
because a) its a good skill to have b) because it works out better in terms of money
buying retail is like buying from a guy you barely know in 1995

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and the air gets weird, thick but not because humidity
like eventually you get used to it and it almost feels good
thats when you have to get out of the heat immediately, next step is going slightly nuts, passing out
you dont need it so much
its not as neccessary around LA proper, either
i use mine too much
tht little window a/c i had with the timer was perfect
1 or 3 hours was usually enough
i turn this one on, fall asleep, wake up and rush out of the house
come home 12 hours later shit is freezing
between $50 and $350
avg maybe $75-$100
im bad about lights and turning gear off, tho

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timecop: new reason free update includes plugin interface
well, for their own plugins
but thats one step closer to being a full daw
like 90F
i slept most the afternoon
so no, its not hot as shit yet
whatever you guys got water, you dunno hot
buy one
yeah this is normal day
fucked days are like 120F in the valley
it feels like someone is rubbing spicy food into your skin

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