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pc: heh @ test gear pool

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isnt that some lazy shit, tho
like i can just make pictures of gear instead of making it for real

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its neat for speaker cabs because it def has no voids and consistent density
but yeah cant use it for live sound, it disintegrates
you glued them on the flat parts?
bunch of 2" thick MDF at exjob made out of glued 1" sheets
was weird it was like one continuous piece worked exactly the same even where glued
and im sure there is existing monitor mounts
office building stuff, industrial stuff, prob spendy
but im sure it exists, the kind of strength you need
yeah lots of mounts are way shitty after a little use
get warped and shit

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im sure theres turnkey stuff, from low end superchina import to way industrial
but mechanicals aside, the control stuff is about $10 in parts
its just a microcontroller and an ftdi chip (or a better microcontroller that can do that itself)
secret people
are you going to glue the keyboard to the desk?
haha @ mouse hanging by its cable
well, some 3m sticky pads will work fine if it comes to that
ha nice monitors
but yeah the design is super straight forward, chance of success seems high
mdf sucks tho it breaks

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thats a pretty sane design tho, way neat
well microcontroller could hold the sequences
that way itll work with the pc off
so switches go direct to it
and to change sequencing, you would use the usb serial port
and to do keyboard control
prob get away with the right serial console program
theres hundreds of them
ha, yeah im pretty sure it can handle that if you can code and got patience
otherwise i would just google the features you want along with serial console
theres prob something that will send commands on keystrokes
and most of them will run scripts
so you would just use scripts to hold presets and common top level commands

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urmom is a sketch
i mean hi
so you want a desk height adjuster and a scheduler
microcontroller, usb comm port
and write cmd send scripts
power supply
2 throw ON-OFF-ON momemtary paddle switch
how about a $15 power supply and a $2 switch
why do you have to do that
usb comm

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and just use usb comm port to send it scheduling commands
probably but i couldnt afford it
so you just want to buy something
microcontroller, scheduling commands over usb

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1 ohm is usually too much for current measurement

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if it was completely random it prob wouldnt matter
but its not, its trees

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