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ill answer you phone for $25
there was exercises?
i remember good circuit bad circuits something else

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cant you bind like any commands to hotkeys?
should, eagle is console cad with tacked on GUI
yeah but using it is horrible anyway

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right but how long did it take you to figure out
i think you can, kinda
oh hmm
yeah i think clipboard is persistent when you open other layouts/schematics
but yeah i think youre right, wont share between instances
yeah but its cad engine is just silly
timecop you cant see through the top layer
when youre working on the top layer
seriously wtf
dont think so
or its new
or its just not on by default
which is retarded

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i have a juarez 4.xx version somewhere
and version 5 layout

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kevtris: yeah eagle fixed stuff in UI to make it more windows standard
right click menus, how some of the cut/copy/paste stuff works
its annoying, its slower
like, it took me years to understand the stupid german UI and realize its good points
and then they just go and fuck it all up

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i dont know how far twingy got with his gcode generator
timecop: custom pad shapes in eagle now
so like, uh, im not sure what dicktrace does eagle cant, now
well, besides suck extra hard
eagle is managably sucky
which is almost the highest level of CAD UI eloquence

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but yeah, got to friends at 9pm, installed eagle on his wifes laptop, did a part lib for his connectors, threw down little PCB, changed tooling on the table, edited the fuck out of the pcb-gcode.ulp generated files so they would actually run
and then cut the pcb, done by 1am
rab: the pcb?
was so one of his softies would toggle these pull down dividers on some signal line
with fets through tac switches that could eventually interface to something automated
which he could have done in perf board in 30 minutes, mostly i think it was to get the machine doing stuff
without some project we prob just would have smoked spliffs (fucker thinks hes morrocan) and drink beer indefinitely
run the world
its like fight club
but without brad pit
and without fighting
not that i know of

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mampi swift tonight
well, i cut something
which is cool shit considering since i moved my machine to my friends garage like 3 months ago i havent done shit
but yeah, did a .016 space trace PCB, went to deep, turned out more like .004 trace
blackmoon: haha
not really that i can think of

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