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soon is the time to clean spiky pipe
and my car

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rab: oomg there is new one down the street!
dont you need speader bread powder?
in a box for like $4
*special bread powder
yeah i managed to avoid ricing mine out
i painted the switch plate for the spindle red and yellow stripes
and got it a pair of tooling plates
thats it
yeah thats prob a good buy
but you can get squirt bottle

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is bread machine like $200?
chinese food website has some way overproduced chimey music
how am i supposed to call
it goes away on the map page which doesnt not have the phone number for me to click on
specials and promos page, totally blank, nice
the pause button is in the lower right corner
website is like 1600px wide

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little heater machine thing
how come i dont have a bread machine
i <3 bread

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spraybottle, $2

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teflon wire is awesome
synth: because theyre for factory lines
well, not even as much because they will usually end up buying the automatic ones
so the $400 crimps get sold to labs, techs
i want chinese food

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yeah you work that out with the tech
rab: thats true
i mostly deal with crimped wires latching loose into box headers
almost all crimps have a wider diameter crimp for just the insulation as strain relief
but it doesnt work great unless you have one of those >$300 crimpers
and better insulation on the wire
ive used APIB cables like that
you solder before?
or you just dont care because it goes into a boot

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yeah youre not making it any cheaper
no i mean saying it took you ages
he said he would do that!
get a decent crimper
seriously quality goes up in $100 incriments up to like $400
thats worse vs a really good crimp
with decent wire
i guess because the solder will get up the stranded wire
and that creates a stress point when bent

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do the materials already exist?
an actual tech would charge $20-40/hr?
haha $1 pin
see its hard for people to give you a quote when you dont know what you want

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because technically i rent at the $1500 'market rate' (hahah srsly wat) with a discount
well thats how it started
and its $50 more because im month to month instead of a lease
this is almost a nice area!
but for what i pay i could have a guest house in same type of area somewhere this half of the valley
but fuck that i move into a tiny place now that i dont share with cnc thing

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`nico: must be moving immediately!
fuck $1300, this place was a little fucked at $1000, im like what i dont even have a medicine cabinet fuck you guys
actually it was pretty okay at $1k
i should say it to them like that and see if they try and fix the situation with a $30 medicine cabinet
40% off, \o/
`nico: yes every year

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preparing to nap to the max
trolling sharks at the beach tonight
explosives, lights

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