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hes been here more recently

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yeah in some manual written 50 years ago
that shits fucked anyway, sitting so long without regular use and maintenance

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making absolute statements about shit like that is pretty weak
assuming that means anything because it happens once is counter to your principles
dont assume, dont judge, do as the others, so broken
in any bureaucracy

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assumption is just part of normal human thought processing
were pattern recognition engines
we experience shit, we compare it to shit weve experienced before, we assume shit based on this and make decisions
thats it
repeat, in parallel, forever
yeah thats smart
make the guy less effective

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and typically only small companies are truly technology and engineering based
as soon as they get investors on board, there is a demand for growth that typically leads to marketing people
the bigger you get, the more you need the marketing people, because engineers typically wont even know what to make to hit a wider demographic
i dunno everyone has to be creative or you die
yeah what?
i assume failure until i have the thing up and its gone through bigass lists of tests
just stay on your side of the yellow lines and always assume there is a car where you cant see and that something on your vehicle is about to fail

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they maybe had the same negative opinion far before you ever knew about the problem
if your prototypes arent eventually production spec, hopefully as early as possible, you got problems
they dont last long
engineers do implimentation, not top level design
theres a huge grey area, but the bigger a company is, the bigger the project teams, the less likely the engineering is going to get anything his way
engineers get paid to impliment top level designs
they work details, shit behind curtains
they build seagates in china

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ttmustang: assumptions are the basis of like all production engineering
almost all planning is based on assumptions
if you dont assume eventual success, no project is profitable
thats not really fair
engineers rarely get to make what they want
well, yeah
its hard to know which fucked something up, though
product design or engineering
yeah but its not fair if they never liked it in the first place

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