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heh why
hahaha synth is fucked
we have that locally, used in residential landscaping, lots near schools, the stories always end 'and then they took that kid to the psych hospital'

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haha timecop
xp will stall the machine when the screen blanks
i can browse the web with emc2 running a machine cycle and its fine
mach3 is just easy, for the unskilled masses
`nico: because low latency and jitter
you really want me to take a program with a flaming suit hand seriously?

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why you got a real cnc?

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timecop: that post is actually a decent question
because yeah tape vs digital recording is audibly different, and cd vs vinyl is definitely different, and in most cases things pleasing to the ear are preffered over accurate sound reprodution
i was hoping it was like, digital audio onto vinyl in digital format or something audiophoolishly awesome, youve failed me

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4oz copper would be pretty could for chipamp pcb
theres always a pin on the back you have to either route behind the chip on a little sliver of PCB, or do some sort of custom heatsink shit that the PCB slides under

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looks like those helpng hands solder fixtures
the things with the iron bases and magnifier head and alligator clip hands
shes pretty cute
i think

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cisco makes linksys so cisco isnt dead
thats all i know
seriously i havent changed shit on my wrt thing in years
never fails
`nico: yeah i didnt say all i know isnt wrong
r&d is a waste, they have these things on factory shelves and you just point at it and BAM containers full of them. you have to R&D the logo and colors, tho

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use the other one

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who cares, whichis more awesome for you?
doesnt this shit have a datasheet

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