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yeah but i have more vactra #2 than ill ever need for the taig

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but yeah the thing will do 60IPM if you get it perfect
but ive never trusted it to do a cycle at over 45
and i think the fastest i cut is like 20
also, get some way oil
get rid of that lithium grease shit
it sticks to metal
like, on the vertical ways, chips will roll down through the way oil
and fall off the screw
but the way oil sticks
its like, stupid oil youre supposed to run down
i guess like, excellent wetting + low compressibility
is what does it, kinda like liquid bearings
pretty sure vactra #2 is for small machines
like, your shit is not the size of a bus? Vactra #2
mobil has a selection guide or something
i kinda want to put it on my bike chain

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yeah looks like it worked pretty well
some of the diagonal traces to the QFP are tiny, but not all of them, so almost def a backlash issue
yeah the boards i cut at my friends (where cnc lives right now) were like that
he says they worked fine
yeah you tighten the nuts
the tradeoff will be high IPM stall speed
you can do how fast now?
i think i have my taig set to 30ipm rapid
maybe 45ipm, ive gone back and forth
itll do 60ipm kinda reliably
you cant really hurt the taigf
you can crash the table into itself and stall the motors on mine and itll back off like whatever
not enough power to hurt itself
yeah my atom cnc controller is the shit for latency/jitter stuff
but yeah find some how-tos on breaking down the taig, adjusting the anti backlash nuts and the gibs
tightening the gibs will reduce slop, but too tight and the steppers will stall
the nuts and the gibs are both brass, so they wear over time, you just keep tightening them a bit, they work well

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and most people dont listen to shit with the volume at 11
so drop another 4 to 8 bits
haha, and if you have a limiter/compressor kick in at your claimed 0dB point
now you have to add enough headroom to get the overlimit signal in so you can limit/compress it without crushing it
so like, 6-30dB
drop some more bits
so like suddenly 24b ADC/DAC make sense
yeah if you read pcb-gcode docs, it says they dont know if anyones ever used that
and i was like, hahaha I DID IT TOOK LIKE ALL DAY WTF =\
board two is really good
have you adjusted the anti backlash nuts?
will help if you tighten those and and then measure backlash with a dial indicator, then program it into EMC

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to do similar shit analog, say on a subwoofer preamp, you would prob use at least half a dozen opamps and a gain stage, and the noise and thd stack up
like, some of the extreme audio performance seems overkill, but it makes sense when you consider how many stages a source might go through before being recorded or heard
also, performance is almost always spec'd at max levels
to get above the noise floor, so realistically you are prob dropping 20dB from those specs for normal listening levels
and youre not using near the full 16 or 24 bits of your dacs and adcs
you lose almost 4 bits just from dynamic range

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haha i built that in school, with 1% panasonic polypropyl caps, and tripped out that the -3dB points were dead on with calculations on a scope
and it wasnt visibly distorted
oh, is an active crossover
dont see switched filter caps in audio much
dont even see analog muxes, audio performance through them is typically pretty shitty
because voltage swing limitations, usually
and yeah CODECs + DSP/uC is pretty much standard now
makes product design easy
they distort
yeah =\
its cost prohibitive, and you can do a lot of things with analog muxes and get pretty low distortion
but my friend is an EE audio hacker siince the 70s, way into tube stuff, done studio grade gear
even he thinks single stage buffer ins/outs connected to CODECs is neat

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in autocad
and its pretty much all signal, so might have been better to just do those outer grounds as one fat lower impedance trace
because i think the power caps go down the center so the two channel grounds would have been isolated
but whatever
that shit looks cool
bet crosstalk performance is awesome

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i did something for DX that was .008 space trace, was fucked up to get right, big board
the first two i drew out in autocad and wrote the gcode by hand
shit actually worked, will never do it like that again
haha i like that one

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oh wow old pics, exgf
ha, PCB i design in autocad

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haha 4oz copper pcb for audio
timecop: send it to me i will test that shit on audio industry gear
hmm somewhere

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05:15 < timecop> oh fucking chrome.
05:15 < timecop> printing fedex label = lol FUCKING FAIL
haha, it cant print UPS labels at all
not default, you have to add popup exception for ups
and rly i dont remember if that worked or i just use firefox

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haha 1994 pedals
somewhere there is a 1994 plastic and pot metal pedal factory
prob the china
aw jeah

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readerror: learn to use 30 degree tips
i get 30deg pyramids, .005" radius tip, under $20
when the tips break, theyre still good for .012" space/trace boards
readerror: http://www.goldmine-elec-products.com/products.asp?dept=1273
readerror: for pcb drills
readerror: tho i would look on ebay for a somewhat complete set, like .010 to .125 and use goldmine elec to replace broken ones

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some bugs do?
thats not a bug!

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haha @ mesuito regulated current source
scope on scan or roll mode
omg new techs dont have roll mode
whats up with that?
new teks, tektronix
bumped into me
junebugs are at least funny about it
they are not evolved to deal with walls
im not sure if they even see light bulbs
junebugs at least

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