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rab: i just turned volvo into a deposited $300 check
return on investment = awesome

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they install it to your face
they call it iBitch
its a verb and a noun

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he was prob just nicer to people
and didnt give a shit as much
so didnt rock the boat

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macegr: haha
try 100K
theyre 1M 40pF or some shit
like everything else
i dont do that anymore
macegr: haha @ probing super discrete micropower circuits
prob on the wrong 1M resistor, boom

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naw its cool they warned the kids
if they get hurt its on the parents
macegr: what is your termination problem
gold is great, its soft, it doesnt corrode
whats driving it
whats loading it
you want to get rid of the spike without the rc thing or what
try putting 10k at the end
or 100k on every input
its unloaded so some overshoot kinda expected
if its more than half a dozen inputs i would use 47k on every input
first try

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macegr: wut
50nF is magic
ill have to remember that
omg you did a filter
noway there is before and after scope images
macegr: that dome thing was super neat
kids were climbing all over it, like fuck these dont climb over the line signs

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blackmoon: oh man i thought today was going to be relaxing but already i have done all the things
and i still have to buy shirt and go to moms/cats and finish laundry
and tomorrow is like, get up early be social at beach day
maybe i can sleep forever on sunday
this rack is like I R A MFKR

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like where do i just come up with $13000 to buy a car?
rich people
'through the factory' is just using the car companies bank
not much diff

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thats how racing irl works, too

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