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kynar is like ultra rework wire

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haha, i believe it because the location is chatsworth, ca

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yeah but i dunno what this app is going to try and do i think it just passes through
so i didnt know how to turn down/off hardware monitoring in my usb rack effects and audio interface thinger
so like i would record shit, and it would sound good, and then playback and it would sound all thin
heh, reverb
and yeah its a slider in the asio driver
yeah realtek drivers have all sorts of stupid effects
like, why
people dont have amps anymore
they have speakers with audio ports
or speakers with ethernet jacks
or speaker with 802.11/bluetooth/usb
ur a knob

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too much latency to be 1000% awesome
its almost realtime, i think the problem is the direct wav i/o device
but i cant get it to hook onto the ASIO output, just wants to look at the input
yeah i dunno if its going to try and send output
itll def oscillate

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3d waterfall plot from spectrum lab

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fuck quicktime

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appl stocks are like $500 or something
quoting stock price changes is bullshit
quote ratios
either say the stock price and the change amount, or just say the percentage
they do that shit on the news all the time
dont buy when its low?
haha @ $36 being close to highest
my point exactly
jobs was a passive agressive asshole

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wow its like, new games fuckit ill play it on my old gpu and system
now i want to get a badass system just to run the audio fft spectrogram
i dont even know what that means
i dont give a shit about computers until 2 weeks before i build one
who has time, srsly...
longcat: anything you know is obsolete in 4 to 8 weeks
you find good leading edge hardware, wait a month
2nd rev of the new hardware will be released cheaper than first rev, and first rev will be even cheaper
a month is how long it takes for the market to change enough that you have to learn it again
every category has maybe 4 to 6 manufacturers
all of them on 4 to 6 month release schedules for new product
so new shit happens about every month
yeah totally
in 4 month, most everything is on to next gen of the hardware
isnt that only like 5%?

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oh shit
someone op me
or topic this: Souncard Output RTA http://www.qsl.net/dl4yhf/spectra1.html | Screw Motors! http://youtu.be/py-0dVJ4K_s | Homopolar: http://youtu.be/8O89GPVbJm4

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jennie_ = stu?
anyway, who was looking for an RTA that can hook onto soundcard output?
i found one
but getting good output is like juggling latency, display updates, cpu load

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