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timecop: shrug, 'i undid the master mix producers work, because i know more than the guy they paid $100K to sit and turn knobs'

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pc: its all rinsed
ooo, except for the little pot of couscous i forgot about...
thats gonna be nasty, but everything else i just have to stuff into the dishwasher
but lately i just avoid cooking and the dishes dont pile up
what resolution?
weed scope had a shit one was like, easier to just look at the weed than try and figure out what was happening on the monitor

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oxyclean is awesome
they have a liquid now
i dunno man i just put it on my clothes instead of bleach
the dye/fragrance free once, is neat smells like clean, like nothing
i dont dishes
*do dishes

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i said it would work
i wouldnt use it on boards that mattered
when datasheets mention cleaning its almost always iso alc
its safe
well there you go
that shit will melt random plastics
yeah we have lots
it does things to some of the plastic stuff, kinda drys it out funny
remember, random china plastics
we also have deoxit in the building
even deoxit gold
and it works
i would slap any mfkr tries to use that on my shit
guitar tech tried to get them some cans for the inspection and setup techs
like wtf you find a bad pot and a brand new guitar you replace that board
you dont spray it with carbon ink remover

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readerror: flux before, clean up with wick and 99% iso alc
dx^: mfkr
dx^: hahah @ i like prostitutes, booze, and cigarettes. fuck kids.
yeah if you use 91 make sure shit is completely dry
try grocery and drug stores, theyll randomly have 99%
that sounds bad for lungs
and acetone is prob too reactive
oh im sure acetone will take flux off
and silkscreen
and chip labels, and prob melt some connector and switch housings
commercial flux remover does not smell like nail polish remover
you misheard jeri she was talking about her nail polish not PCBs

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