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the shirtless one is bullshit
at least the last line is
because its to awesome but in an expected way
haha srs how did those kids survive
theyre going to be all messed up

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is like the last of the 4 digit shit
nvidia 9999GTX
start at like 102, or something
give yourself room to expand

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blackmoon: yeah thats kinda what sucks about researching to build a decent pc
you get by on the hardware way too long, and then when you upgrade its not huge, because you wont spend $500 on each core component
im going to buy SSD i think
its about the only thing i can take to a new pc
theyve been on the very edge of melting for like 10 years
theyre prob already breaking physics for 5 years
theyre prob start going for lower power gpu
just so they can parallel them
no i mean as the main performance focus
like, i think the density of GPU right now is thermally limited
like, the things are half fansink now with just a single GPU
hmmm mine is...

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rab: two koreans described their domestic cars are '5 year cars'
one owned a disintegrating hyundai
the other owned an audi

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kia soul
only because i can see the top of the logo
toner will cost you $200
its color ink or b/w laser?
i kinda miss having one of those

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i have fully analysed the video and i have come to the conclusion that the black cat was hired by the 2 birds to fight the white cat.
^ agree with comment

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yeah its a normal dmm
it snot autoranging or anything
yeah but i think those are like $50?

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theyre the only ones there for like $4
im sure princess auto will have them, lots of hardware places do

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nicker: neat boom!
go to harbor freight, theyre like $4
the backlit ones are like $1 more
only girls and stu call me renny

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i get those, and then use scissors to cut bristles to like 3/16" to 1/4" long
so they are all dense and stiff
and they hold more alc/fluxoff/whatever
i usually crimp the bristles in harder with the plier ends of wire strippers
else sometimes they fall apart, because harbor freight

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`nico: you have to like, drip it off
i think instructions on the can are like, soak all the things, let solution drip off pcba, pass out
just seems easier to use a brush than half a can of the stuff, heh
i dont like how they get stuck =\
makes a mess, its all scary lookin under microscope too

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i think death might be chemical-electrically fucked, bricked, by some definitions
so no probably not

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