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its not noise
well okay i guess its noise kinda, and its always measured with noise (THD+N), but for most audio measurement stuff, noise is just the fuzz, not the harmonics from nowhere

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fuck i hope i dont think that everytime i see THD on something at work

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so if its warm on the bottom it means the whole fucking thing is burning up, it wont cool down unless they blow cool air in the doors
do they have an #electronics there still?

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at the orange show? in san bernadino
and yes, most likely
guess they were like fuck audiotistic this year
i heard a couple of the indoor areas there
Once again, the NOS Events Center will be fully transformed into a magical landscape with adventures waiting behind every corner.
iunno jungle area doesnt get crowded enough to get hot anymore
also its at night, shrug
yeah but not everything there is
they do lots of festivals there
reactor16: i dunno this is not #gnuradio
but yeah if its a bad day it could still be like 80F at midnight there
all asphault
cant remember if ive been there this year already
oh haha
yeah when they get packed and warmed up its for the night
im not sure if the big hangar rooms have active ventilation

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nocturnal wonderland 2 day pass is $150
and theyre only selling 2 day passes right now (event is in sep)

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