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because its the olympics?

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i gotta wake up

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oh, hard summer
yeah its like, middle of hollywood
its $75
oh, nero live
thats kinda cool
nero brings this retro 80s stage and the girl who sings in their tracks
then they stand up there (prob on facebook) and an awesome mix happens, theyre good on big sound
they pretty much play their own shit, and remixes of their own shit
which is rare

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rab: have you been to third street?
in santa monica, you can walk to santa monica peer and then up to 3rd street promenade
its like, close off to traffic, big open retail thing, lots of cool shops and street performers
all sorts of people there so interesting for people watching
no idea
smog is sunday nights
la dubstep, at dim mak studios (up stairs into small-medium venue with overkill funktion one sound)
so yeah, lots of kids
and sloooooo

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honestly, its a nice city on the beach
but malibu = paradise
santa barbara is like the city of san fernando at the beach
which is cool but the beaches right above and below SB were littered with oil rigs
its not like that off the LA coast
but SB is def a nice place to relax and save money that i can afford
wont be two weeks of 110F death heat there
rab: its like coastal LA and ventura
its just cheaper, because the whole city is like a few miles from the beach
even the lower cost neighborhoods
rab: neat youre in town?
lots of cops down there now
yeah i been busy/dead =\
i did like 4 midnight to 8 shifts in a row and spent days feeling jetlagged
wasnt even a plane involved
i like planes

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fam damly, nice
anyway, people with no bad history is rare and im pretty sure if i encountered one we wouldnt get along so well
just a hunch
longcat: the nexus has the same res, so better dpi, and im a whore for that
so the choice was obvious
rab: thanks!
also more weekend speaker babysitting before i leave, so last two paychecks should be all fat
tekrad: nope
but it looks like there is stuff like i want exactly like i was looking for here
so im not so worried
rab: santa barbara

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fuck 98/ME
longcat: long
also hi
i got newjob!
ya, moving to santa barbara
tekrad: prob like 3-4 weeks
sculptor: just need one
darkmatte: i got newer car like 3 months ago
also got newphone
have no old or current wife

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