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they had to buffer the forklift forks with a 2x4
i bet they tried with bare forks first time and it either went through or just ripped the pane out of the frame
it would prob have to be panes like that or smaller for it to be effective
tho a steel reinforced grid of little reinforced panes would look cool, be effective

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i dunno if theyre clapping for the glass or for sledgehammer guy
sculptor: maybe some sort of glass/polycarb sandwich
i dont think glass on poly, single layers, would do it
they gives those guys all day itll eventually break
yeah but eventually it mostly stops
like, the layers on the other side are barely moving
looks like the beam its on is 4" wide
and theres a sill in its frame so its maybe like 2" thick if the frame is as thick as the beam
haha weak

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rab: heater system!
beds, blow cummins
truckers are dirty
i like gasoline

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also i think his wife is working
and they dont live like theyre rich
like, he could afford cars as nice as the other engineers
speaking of oil
i need to go buy toyota transmission oil
synchros hate this redline synthetic shit
it doesnt grind but i can feel the synchros and gears catching and it wasnt like that before i changed it
oh damn you have to shut down the car on diesel?
i guess to purge the oil
rab: ha
sirhoax: i feel huge diff
the transmission has way less slack
a lot of stuff i attributed to my not yet figuring out the clutch and drive by wire was actually just slop in the transmission gears i guess
but yeah, i dont know if thats because synth or because new fluid at 75k miles
and the synchros dont like the redline, and forum dorks have made similar comments about it
i can drive it fine you just have to pay more attention to matching revs
so i want to put the toyota shit in
drive like 100 miles, swap out with toyota shit again
and see how the thing is supposed to feel

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its a fun car but this is def its biggest flaw
rab: yes
0-60 time is like 7.5sec
its not a problem to drive it like a maniac
my car is 5spd geared to like 120mph at redline in 5th
so at cruising speeds on the freeway its between like 3 and 4 krpm
i think i been to like 110 or 115
my car has a camry engine so it should last like a million miles
tho im prob not running it like it normally would be in a camry...
rab: i guess veggy benz owners are used to overhauling the fuel system
teknique: 2007 scion tc
like this guy
rab: you would think but the guy i know doing it makes more than me

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someone needs to make an open loop engine car without an ECU
drive by wire on my tC ruins the fuckin car, honestly
and im pretty sure its because some product manager dork went 'MAKE IT FEEL LIKE IT HAS MORE POWER, LIKE MY LEXUS'
well right so its likely a scion product manager would have one
the camry pedal is just as stupid
like, all the sensitivity is in the first maybe 1/4"
youre like 1/5" in and the thing is almost floored
like, electronically speaker
so actually flooring it is like totally completely uninspiring
couple with the VVTi tracking so many variables that torque response to throttle inputs isnt exactly predictable
and prob towards .2sec throttle latency
its like, who the fuck signed off on this
rab: manual
why its annoying
you cant drive by feel because of the latency
so you drive by memory
which is hard because throttle response is oversensitive + random

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