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but if i could get into a place where i could ride my bike to work, id be way happy
save like $150 in gas a month
yeah kind of felt that

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from santa susana road south to the beach
its like the LA that people from other places never see, or refuse to accept as LA
yeah ive only really driven through
hung out at the beaches, never in the city
everyone says its great
geographically, i dont think you can live further than 3mi from the beach
so im willing to live in a little studio hole
looking for a little hole in topanga canyon was basically my plan before i got this job
yeah no one realized that
im like, i live in the west valley its pretty much the same
which is awesome because it means i can come back if i want
wont be drama

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vasquez rocks is really neat, too
few miles down the 14, lots of sedimentary mountains at weird angles, kinda like chatsworth
old star treks eps filmed there
i usually take 118 to SB
118 to 126, i think 126 the other way goes to santa clarita
yeah thats like, box canyon and chatsworth park and stagecoach trail area
than calabasas open space preserve, with santa susana research right in the middle
like, thats prob my fav area in the world

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and my dad lived there in the early 90s
when it was still shiny and new
no cracks in the concrete, etc
oh shit i maybe remember that
like 8 years ago? maybe longer
unless you actually meant santa clara
yeah stuff happens just west of there
tons of mountains too crazy to build easily, lots of faults i guess
then other side of it is close to san adreas
yeah thats where the paintball field i worked at in high school was
somewhere around where the 5 and 14 split
thats was another one
and yeah i think we camped there when i was a kid

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dont start until monday
dont move out of this place until end of month
naw, hotel or stay with coworker i worked with at exexjob
he stays there during the week and goes home to wife in santa clarita on weekends
and needs two roommates
if i cant find someplace downtown like i want i maybe stay there permanent

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