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i dont think he means in a cad app

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i have a d850 or something, doesnt have working win7 synaptic drivers
i have no touchpad scrollwheel

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would warcraft 3 run on one?
if y then i prob played that on it
zug zug\

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i had NES/SNES/drugs/music
my friend had one!

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isnt voodoo2 like 1000 years ago

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haha for salutations field at dwp they hav Rev.
im going to do it
square waves should be sharky.

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sculptor: was prob more reliable!

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theyll never be reliable
terminal crimps clamp the wire then the insulation and strain relief
if you solder it makes the wire brittle past the insulation strain relief
and it becomes a point of stress and the wire will break inside the insulation
as long as it not in something that moved of vibrates
yeah solid core is prob fine then
when shit is all actin crazy check that first =)

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efex: usually cant solder terminals for push in contacts very well
need a die crimper
like, its possible to solder them but its hard to do well
blackmoon: 2nd pic is awesome
not without hotglue and luck
around $500 isnt unheard of
and its very likely it will not have interchangable dies
and it will only work for a few sized of one family of terminals
this is when working in r&d labs come handy
otherwise, youre going to spend a bit of money trying different die crimps

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blackmoon: did you still want to do that whateverstarter thing
kickstarter, jumpstarter
or have you backed off from 3d pixel insanity
im prob stuck in hotel or similar for couple weeks, bored
blackmoon: its filtered pixels?
thats not like, billions of 3d pixels is it
im like, omg are you just outzoomed 10000000 times
thats neat
that and maybe something to remove slivers under certain size would be a cool terrain generator

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blackmoon: hi!
done with exjob, newjob monday, have to move like 100 miles away by end of the month
i have way too much junk

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