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too much spacebar

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`nico: 12h until newjob
a haha nice

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does not seem to glow but it is indeed green

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i got some weed called chernobyl
kinda lemony

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yeah well it might not work when the temp changes

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dont use 250K
use 10K
oh wtf its a temp sensor
or a light sensor
whats the variable resistor
no it isnt
not wired like that
and the light sensor is what i meant
not wired like that, it isnt doing anything
250k isnt enough base drive
(5 - 0.7) / 250e3 =
so 15uA
* 100 is only 1.5mA, to run the bjt linear, which you dont want to do
well pretend its 50 and use a safety factory of %1000
you need a buffer, darlington at least

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