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i just cover it with stickers

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macegr: seriously
both places, there was like 3 wtctp that mostly worked, a graveyard of semi funtional parts to keep them working
and then like, two 936 that never had issues and a metcal, which is a metcal
936 tips dont like rohs solder
you have to baby them like radioshack tips
but besides that, like nothing ever goes wrong with them
using just lead solder, leave the thing on over a weekend with it set full CW, come back monday stab iron into brass coils, shit is shiny ready to be tinned
ive done shit like that over and over with mine at home, never have problems
macegr: used an fx888?
im going to get one for newbench, they held off on getting me stuff so i could get what i want
honkey tonk jukebox iron!
sucks we dont get maroon or silver
clear is the new black
but clear gives product managers the fear
because wires covered in adhesive foam, rework, glue

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wtf $136
prob like 800% markup

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hey you know those foot pedal solder paste pumps?
with the bigass syringes
newjob has them with CA and elmers for building little speakers
like, i was all trying to use qtips at exexjob
after fat manually syringes didnt do shit
its so neat to be in a lab where everything isnt 90s production line leftovers
like, leave cv, get to l6, open cabinet, wtctp parts everywhere but nothing actually works, omg they followed me

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free tooling is neat
they have money
enough for pictures
think of all the money they are saving on food
`nico: did you see pic on reddit was a family posing with kim jung un?
almost all the media comes out of that country is staged
i dont think people are as stupid as they are acting
which sucks, prob way better to be actually brainwashed
they need to start playing guitar and stabbin shit
i need food

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the g10/wood thing?
needed more g10
so you got it jogging around
you can spin the screws and itll move around pretty smooth?
the gantry will be a problem, most likely
but yeah some wire might help
i think the xylotex is opto coupled to the parport
i want to get rid of those things
and either get the gecko all in one or three high end step drivers
they have them?
`nico: would be pretty sad if they had more per capita than us =\

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okay so remember i did the thing with the acid and there was like huge arrays of CV bass bins with JBL 215 tops and hippie soundguy and like he pushed thousands of people back at one several inches with a knob
and im like, i want to make that
okay so i did that
i need to think of some new awesome thing thing to do forever
is it rs274 or not
prob pneumatic punchcards
yeah drop that on the 50s brainwash
all of a sudden youre a technological god
and so on and so on

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so you want people to land their penis on your pants
i was expecting girls all spread on her back with LEDs 3m stickies to her inner thigh
there are other sites for that
i dont think pasqualle rotella was driving the funktion one art car since 2003
maybe thats it
or maybe thats someone elses artcar with funktion one

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he gets the n korean tour guides (or whatever) to sing anarchy in the uk from the karaoke machine
The scientists and technicians developed CNC technology, making it possible to manufacture high-speed, high-precision and intellectual high-performance CNC equipment as they please.
they are like, fuck engineers we go right from research to fixing problems with fucked up designs
gotta have hobbies
you wear those

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so, so old
like when i went to korea, that was old!
the fucked thing is the absolute last thing n korea needs is automation
they dont have educated ME and machine operators
they need 50s tech
and some commercialized country to pimp them
i wonder if they run rs274
crazy mfkrs
they let press in
and show them shit like that
youve seen vice guide to n korea?

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