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comment is ridiculous

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Vf increases with current tho!

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03:21 < _unreal_> there are just NO cnc channels on irc are there
theres an emc channel

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_unreal: because step/dir into quadrature is very easy for hardware to impliment

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no more harold =(
gotta go get stack of pants hemmed up

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ya =(

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his kidneys have been messed up for a year
hes been living with my mom most of the time, because traveling a lot and we didnt think it was good to move him back and forth so much
plus my mom lives alone now and she takes good care of kids and animals, so i wasnt going to argue when she said that he should stay there
he was kind of getting better, special diet and IV fluids couple times a month
but lately hes getting super skinny and now he doesnt get much walk
haha he walked over to some of my pants and lied down on them
14 and a half

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my cat prob he thinks hes hallucinating
moms texts this morning, like he wont eat or drink anymore, doesnt want to stand up, didnt make it all the way to the litterbox once
so drive back from santa barbara, put him in cat carrier, he doesnt fight back (first time ever), get to vet and theyre like we are in surgury until 330p
so i bring him back to my place because a block away from vets, he hasnt been here in more than a year i think
kinda neat least he is getting up and walking around

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