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packing your desktop means you mean it =\

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and they are good pants?
yeah i mostly have huge loose pants
i usually roll that side up

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haha at the end, guy is proud of his slime tire
so like, the motor turns the crank?
oh neat
that thing would eat all of my pants
yeah my quickly pedal backwards reflex would do nothing
chain would just eat all of me
thing prob stalls
how many pants do you have left that dont have chunks missing?

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whats a trail bike
yeah but you cant put 1.75" tires in it without spending all day trying to line it up
almost all 1.75" tires are over-width
my maxis holyrollers didnt fit
the maxxdaddys def didnt fit
so i said fuckit and put microknobby tires on it, have them at 80psi
cant even hit cracks in the sidewalk too hard itll just blow up the tubes
but its awesome, rolls forever (all sealed bearings)
and yeah you kick into a pedal on a dirty trail and the bike is perpendicular
way fun on the street tho, great for throwing on a bus rack
also i have carbon fiber fork and aluminum handlebars, frame is aluminum, 180mm cranks, so much fun
its hard to get tires/tubes for 24"

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oh shit, random
i need something for trail riding
the bmx cruiser is awesome for city stuff, but its kinda iffy even on flat dirt trails in city parks
mine is a formula nucleus 2010 or something
it came with stickers, i didnt put them on, its just a black frame from taiwan
i dont want to put dirt tires on this frame
its rear forks are too narrow, they rub

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and a vbelt, spring loaded tensioner
just got rid of all the chains, derailers, cables, extra stud length for all that stuff
hey im not french
and i dont care
rab: its kind of a non starter except for a flat land cruiser
because so much hub weight
but i think if you made the shit way less awesome
just one adjustable groove pulley, and another spring loaded pulley, shit would be fine and weight not much
you could cable actuate it too
i dont think ill be seeing it for 20 years
so for some reason work software doesnt run on my desktop
but everything works fine and on win 7 laptop
soo lets see if it works from a vmware in the desktop
if y, then im resinstalling desktop soon
rab: suggestions for mountain bikes with full suspension?

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guys vmwre plyer is going slow
rits loading slowly
that would be neat
just put a stepper on a cable actuator
save weight use CVT
theyre doing it wrong
the CVT hub is a tank
you just need a spring loaded V pulley in the back
and then one on the front adjusts with some sort of linear stepper

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the weird thing that they dont touch on is that its not controlled
there isnt a pc on the food side and on the nest side processing this shit
all the processing is done by the 'packets'
i like bagels

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what do you mean real what do they use know?
i thought some did
yeah those things always have cheap looking one piece props

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