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timecop: what the fuck is this
first newjob paycheck!

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ya =\

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they all said 'thoughts are with you' but cute girl said 'thinking of you,' clearly this means she wants to bump fuzzies
i dont have a cat
i want to put it inside her cat
is okay he was sick for a long time and very old
did very good considering!

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omg vet sent me a card because of Harold and they all wrote little notes
i wonder which one is the vet tech girl at the front desk i want to do
im pretty sure its cortney
nicoleta is prob the east euro vet (i would def do her too but im pretty sure she mentioned a husband once)
i dont know the other names
im pretty sure she has money, she has a job
i dont think she was bought to get here!
neat both of them put their last names
i should buy them flowers or something this is super nice i almost cried when i read it
i had to put my cat to sleep and vet office sent a sympathy card they all wrote in

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