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timecop: ya srs what have they done
microsoft corp brain drain = confirmed

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`nico: finished trashing most stuff
im not going to trash pots and pans and glassware and silverware and etc

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kitchen almost boxed

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and shiftbrite subdermal implants
actually i think that will happen either way
naw, burners arent hippies
like painted in whiskey and krylon rust

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sitting instead of packing
prime directive failure
packing my stuff, moving into uhaul truck then storage tomorrow
ive been comuting to newjob last two weeks =\
uhaul is free for a month
for storage
and pretty cheap for truck
after that i maybe get some real storage, but it wont be for very much stuff
im getting rid of couches, big chair, wont have much to move/store except bed and boxes
CNC is hidden in a friends garage
he wont be awake until tues or wed
and thats assuming he didnt do shrooms or lsd
if thats the case would be surprised if he strolls back into #electronics like 20 months from now

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